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Happy Birthday to XXNamesInTrendXY! We're 4!

Today is a party day! Can't believe this blog is already 4 years old, it feels like yesterday really when I was deciding whether I should share my thoughts on baby names with you all. I wanna thank everyone who keeps viewing and commenting on my posts, you are very much appreciated and I enjoy your thoughts a lot.

We won't receive any presents, but you guys are. I've decided to share with you something that is only available to me as the administrator of this blog, and that is, to show you which posts have had the most views since its debut back in August 2010.

And the leaders are:
01 - Names In Spotlight: The Phoenix Family
02 - Names In Spotlight: Evil Girl Names
03 - Names In Spotlight: Portuguese Names
04 - Teen Mom 3 Names
05 - Name In Spotlight: Azure
06 - Names In Spotlight: Space Names
07 - Autumn Boy Names
08 - So You Think You Can Dance in Canada - Boys' Names
09 - Name In Trend: Bentley
10 - Name In Trend: Paisley

It seems you guys really like the Name In Spotlight feature, taking up 50% of the top 10. I'm not surprised, they are my favorites too, since I can use it to post about certain baby names that are getting buzz in the celeb world, or simply to expose you guys to some of my favorite underused names that need some loving.

Once again, thanks for being part of my journey into the baby name world, there aren't a lot of blogs that offer a male perspective on the subject, especially with my quite eccentric taste. Here's to many more years to come!

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With love, Skye.

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