domingo, 8 de maio de 2011

Update On Previous Names In Trend (1)

With the new list published this month, it's only fair that I keep an eye on all the "Names In Trend (N.I.T)" I posted in 2010. Which ones continued to be on trend? And which ones could have fizzled out?

First with the boys, I posted 3 N.I.T's last year: Ryder, Karter and Rhys.


This name is still charming parents, and has climbed 11 spots to #135, inching closer to that ever-so-important top100. Ry- names seem to be a trendy for boys, so I'm gonna predict that it'll keep on climbing steadily each year.


I was spot on with this one, one of the fastest rising names for boys. It is now #444, up 123 spots from last year. Replacing C with K spellings have always been trendy, but it seems to be even more popular nowadays. I suspect it'll continue to rise, albeit not a huge jump like this every year.

Name In Trend: Bentley

In a blog about names that are in trend, you just have to talk about the trendiest boy name for the past 2 years: Bentley. It's popularity has risen because of MTV's show "Teen Mom", where one of the girls named Maci had a son and named him Bentley Cadence. But besides being a car name, does it actually have any roots as a proper human name?

Well apparently it does. It seems to be of Old English origin, used as a surname before becoming a first name, and it means "bent grass meadow". Nowadays though, most people will only associate it with the luxury car.

Here is how Bentley has performed in the boys chart:

sexta-feira, 6 de maio de 2011

Names In Trend: Fastest Climbers of 2010

Well the top 1000 list was just released, and as usual, us name lovers spend hours on it doing all kinds of lists and comparisons.

For this blog, I've decided to put the top50 rising boy names of 2010. And here they are, along with the amount of places they climbed:

1. Bentley +414
2. Kellan +260
3. Knox +246
4. Royce +191
5. Jean +165
6. Zaiden +149
7. Enzo +148
8. Clay +147
9. Jerimiah +131
10. Zavier +126