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Update On Previous Names In Trend (1)

With the new list published this month, it's only fair that I keep an eye on all the "Names In Trend (N.I.T)" I posted in 2010. Which ones continued to be on trend? And which ones could have fizzled out?

First with the boys, I posted 3 N.I.T's last year: Ryder, Karter and Rhys.


This name is still charming parents, and has climbed 11 spots to #135, inching closer to that ever-so-important top100. Ry- names seem to be a trendy for boys, so I'm gonna predict that it'll keep on climbing steadily each year.


I was spot on with this one, one of the fastest rising names for boys. It is now #444, up 123 spots from last year. Replacing C with K spellings have always been trendy, but it seems to be even more popular nowadays. I suspect it'll continue to rise, albeit not a huge jump like this every year.


Another big climber, up 107 places from last year. It's now sitting pretty at #471. I'm not surprised to find out parents are starting to pick this spelling with Reese getting increasingly feminine, although Rhys has yet to catch up with Reece. However, I think that by next year, this will be the most common spelling for boys.

Now onto the girls, there were 2 N.I.T's: Malia and Journey.


Like every trendy name, there is a downside. If you can't keep up with the trends, you end up falling pretty fast. This is exactly what happened to Malia, its down 111 spots to #302. It's still more popular than where it was in 2008, but it is a worrying sign for Malia fans out there. Unless Obama can get his mojo back on, I think this will continue to freefall.


This is a unisex name that celebrities seem to only enjoy giving to their sons. This year, it was Black Eyed Peas member Taboo, who chose this name for his boy. However, parents seem to think differently, and are preferring to see this name on girls, and it's popularity continues to increase. In 2010, the name rose 70 places, and several different spellings seem to be also on the rise. Will we be seeing this name on the boys list next year? We'll have to wait and see. But one thing is almost for sure, it'll keep climbing the girls chart.

I only started this blog in September, which is why there are only a few of these. Hopefully now with a full year, there will be plenty of names to analyse next year - that is, if I can keep this blog updated regularly...

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