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Name In Trend: Nevaeh

Nevaeh is probably the most remarkable success of a made-up name, ever. This name was fabricated to intentionally spell "heaven" backwards. While I think the thought is kinda sweet, it does sound a bit too try-hard, and for me the opposite of heaven just reminds me of hell. It is pronounced like "nuh-vay-uh" or simply "nuh-vay", though it's pronounciation is up for debate, and I have heard it been said "nee-vay-uh".

The success of the name is mostly due to the show MTV Cribs, it seems that channel is always at the centre of a name phenomenon. In 2000, the lead singer of the american rock band P.O.D was in this show, in which they show the world their houses inside and out. He also introduced the world to his daughter, Nevaeh, and explained the meaning behind her unusual name. The name was an instant success with parents around the country, and debuted the following year.

Here is how it performed in the girls chart:

Nevaeh debuted in 2001 at an impressive #266, proof that it was "the" trendy name of the year. It kept on climbing until 2007, stalled for a couple of years, and reached its highest position yet in this years ranking: #25. The name seems to have become popular beyond the "trendiness" of other names, by sticking around for nearly a decade, and showing no signs of fading away. I can see why though, the US is a very religious and a trendy country, and a name that manages to fuse both of these is obviously a successful formula.

Alternative spellings for a name that is meant to be "heaven spelled backwards" makes no sense. However, if you enjoy it's sound, but not necessarily the meaning, here are other spellings available: Nevayuh, Nevay, Navae, Navaeuh, Navaya, Nevaya, Nevay, Nevayah.

Similar names are: Neva, Neve, Neneh, Nevara, Nevada.

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