sábado, 28 de setembro de 2013

Name In Trend: Hudson

Hudson is a name of Old English origin, and it means "son of Hugh". It is a rising star amongst the many -son names trending upwards in recent years. As well as that meaning, Hudson can also be used as a place name, thanks to the Hudson River in New York and the Hudson Bay in Canada - both were named after the explorer Henry Hudson. This gives Hudson an adventurous feel, and a strong association to water, which could give it the "nature name" tag.

Let's take a look at it's performance in the SSA ranking:

segunda-feira, 9 de setembro de 2013

Summer Movies 2013: Interesting Character Names

Summer 2013 might be almost over, but it brought us some great flicks. As usual, I payed extra attention to the names of characters in hope of finding some interesting ones. Thankfully there were quite a few ones that caught my eye, and so I'm gonna present you the ones I thought were the most appealing and unique.

Male character names:

Harley (Iron Man 3) - A popular name for boys in the UK, but quite underused in the US, which is quite surprising for me because it's one of those names that has all the ingredients of a trendy sounding name, but isn't. I think its full potential has yet to be achieved in America, and I'd like to think it will eventually hit its stride.

Yancy (Pacific Rim) - Not one of the main characters of this movie since he dies early on, but his scenes at the start of the film were enough for me to remember his name. I don't think I've met or read about anyone with this name, although I'm not terribly surprised because I feel this one is for the brave namers only (right now). I believe this one might be quite a polarizing name if it ever pops up in a discussion, you'll either love it or hate it, a bit like Clancy.