quinta-feira, 30 de abril de 2015

Name In Trend: Kyrie

Kyrie is a name of greek origin that means "the Lord", through the root kyrios. I suppose with that meaning, you could say it is a religious name, that isn't as in your face as say Messiah for example. However, given the person who popularized the name in the US, professional basketball player Kyrie Irving, this moniker is now more of a sports related name, a companion for Xavi or Crosby. The official original pronunciation is "kee-ree-ay", but since Kyrie Irving pronounces his name as "kai-ree", the latter pronunciation has taken over, which I guess is what most people would assume if they never heard of it before. Personally, I find both valid.

Kyrie is a fresh name in the SSA rank, as its only been there for 2 years.  In terms of baby numbers, here is the graph:

Kyrie was flying completely under the radar with approximately 10-30 baby boys getting the name every year, until 2011 came around. This was the year Kyrie Irving rose to fame as a promising new basketball player, so it makes sense. It terms of SSA rank numbers, Kyrie first debuted in 2012 at #866, and in 2013 it shot up to #590. With Kyrie Irving remaining a strong player in the court, I can only assume this name will keep trending. It's always nice when parents get inspired by positive role models, and this is certainly the case. Kyrie also has a very pleasing sound to it, a very cheerful upbeat name, and as an incredible bonus you get the chance to use the nickname Kai/Kye if you wish. It has spun the alternative spelling Kyree, which is also trending for boys.

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Similar names include: Kylan, Kyler, Skyler, Kyson, Cairo, Kieran, Kerry.
Alternative spellings include: Kyree, Kairi, Kyrey, Kairee.