sábado, 26 de abril de 2014

Name In Trend: Paisley

The unisex name Paisley is of scottish origin and it means "church". Paisley is actually a place name, of a scottish town near Glasgow. The paisley pattern, which involves a persian inspired design, originated in that town, famous for its weaving industry in the 19th century. Now of course everyone will immediately think of the fabric, rather than the town, but I guess it's not a terrible association. The name in recent years has been embraced by parents of little girls, maybe because the design is quite girly, and it has even been used by celebs like Jennie Finch.

sábado, 12 de abril de 2014

Names In Spotlight: Space Names

Don't you just love to gaze into space, or look at some of it's beautiful pictures? Well, space also possesses some incredible names, that could perfectly be used on a child. A lot of space names are inspired by mythology, so they are old names that were then applied on space objects. A few are just modern space names and terms that have some serious potential as baby names, and a few have space related meanings. Overall, there are hundreds of them, so I had to pick and choose and select some that I think are ready to use, and some that I feel are too interesting to go unnoticed. So sit back, and enjoy the ride, because it's a long one!


Andromeda - Surely you've heard this one before. Andromeda is of course, our nearest galaxy, it is of greek origin, and means "leader of man". It's quite a grand name for a little girl, but if you want a strong legit girl name, this one is perfect.

Astrid - This was the name used by two swedish microsatellites to study some space features. Astrid is of scandinavian origin and means "beautiful goddess". I adore this name, there aren't many female names ending with the letter "d", and I feel this is one of the most usable ones.

Aurora - Some of the most beautiful space pictures feature the aurora borealis in the northern hemisphere, with its sci-fi green lights, truly magical. Aurora of course means "dawn", and is the name of the roman goddess of sunrise. This name has a lot going for it, from its roman roots, to its nature and space meanings, to its Disney connection, to its many possible nicknames. You really can't go wrong.

quarta-feira, 2 de abril de 2014

Name In Trend: Declan

Declan is an irish names that means "full of goodness". It is the name of a saint, and it's the birth name of singer Elvis Costello.

America has always been a country that loves to import exotic names from other countries, especially Irish names. Could the rising star Declan be the latest irish import to make a big impression for the next couple of decades? Perhaps. Let's see how it's been performing so far in the SSA ranking: