segunda-feira, 9 de julho de 2012

Name In Spotlight: Scotland

So a new Kardashian baby is born, and of course everyone is talking about it. The name, of course, is the focus of this conversation. While Penelope is a perfectly normal and well used name, and is sure to have a boost in popularity next year, I decided to focus on the middle name, Scotland. Now usually middle names don't get a boost of popularity because they're often neglected whenever we discuss a baby's name, whether on TV or magazines. Therefore, people in general don't get enough exposure to it, hence it doesn't affect the name's popularity. However, I wouldn't underestimate the Kardashian effect. Could the name Scotland get a boost of popularity?

quarta-feira, 4 de julho de 2012

Name In Trend: Liam

The name Liam is of Old German origin and means "helmet" or "protection". Whilst it is a name in it's own right, it can also be a nickname for William, which might explain why it's been trending so quickly.

Liam has been a name that has been popping up everywhere, from TV shows like 90210, which features a troubled surfer dude named Liam, to celebrities naming their kids Liam. Let's check out just how far this name has come in the popularity ranking: