terça-feira, 23 de setembro de 2014

Name In Coffin: Gertrude

Gertrude is a female name of old german origin that means "strength of a spear". Gertrude is the name of a saint, Saint Gertrude The Great, who is pictured above - she wrote a book called The Revelations of Saint Gertrude, which talked about the revelations she received from Jesus. Obviously it has some more modern bearers, actress Gertrude Lawrence and writer Gertrude Stein for example. In literature, we have Queen Gertrude from Hamlet, who was Hamlet's mother and also the queen of Denmark.

Gertrude is a name that a lot of us have on our family tree, as it was extremely common 100 years ago or so. These days, it would be an odd experience to meet a toddler carrying this name. Let's see the SSA graph:

segunda-feira, 15 de setembro de 2014

Names In Spotlight: The "No Doubt" Family

Pretty much everyone who is at least 15 years old has heard of the band No Doubt. Formed in the late 80s, they've had a remarkable career selling millions of albums and releasing iconic hit songs such as "Don't Speak", "Just A Girl" or "Hey Baby". Not only that, but lead singer Gwen Stefani also went on to have a successful solo career in the mid 2000s, as I'm sure you all remember hearing "Hollaback Girl" on the radio, or at least hear your kids playing the song out loud.

No Doubt is formed by frontwoman Gwen Stefani, drummer Adrian Young, guitarist Tom Dumont, and bassist Tony Kanal. All of them have went on to have families of their own, and I'm here to break it down for you. Most of these names are quite unique, so if this is your scene, I'm sure you're gonna love this post.

domingo, 14 de setembro de 2014

Name In Trend: Luna

Luna is a name of latin origin that means "moon". In Roman mythology, Luna was the goddess of the moon, and is frequently depicted driving a white chariot through the sky. A lot of people ask, why doesn't the moon have a name? Well, she does. It's Luna. This is why we say "lunar eclipse" or "lunar effect" for example.

It is well known that the moon isn't just a randon satellite sitting in our sky. As well as being the only satellite orbiting our planet, it has quite an effect over certain things that happen here. The sea tides are strongly associated with the position of the moon, and even fertility and reproductive behavior have been connected to it. There are scientific studies that link a woman's menstrual period of 28 days to the lunar cycle, and some species like the California Grunion fish lay their eggs on the first full moon.

sábado, 6 de setembro de 2014

Name In Trend: Jace

Jace is a male name of english origin that means "the lord is my salvation". It is a diminutive of Jason, but like the name Jack departed from John as it's own name, Jace is heading that way it seems. If I had to pick a name that defined trendy as of right now, Jace would be it. This name, plus all of its spelling variants, are zooming up the charts at the speed of light. It is a Teen Mom baby name, a character name from the book series The Mortal Instrument, and also the name of one the guys on Duck Dynasty (who spells his name Jase).

But enough of me telling you how trendy it is, let me prove it:

quarta-feira, 3 de setembro de 2014

2014 List: Mathematical Prediction: Boy Edition

So here it is, the mathematically accurate predictions of what the 2014 boy ranking may look like. Remember, these aren't to be taken too seriously, as I've explained to you before. If last years increases and decreases remained the same this year, this is how the 2014 rank would look like:

01 Liam (+1)
02 Noah (-1)
03 Jacob (=)
04 William (+1)
05 Mason (-1)