sábado, 24 de janeiro de 2015

Names Of The Year 2014

Another year has quickly gone by, and there have been several interesting names floating around. Predictions are, as usual, quite hard to do, but I'll try my very best to be accurate once the 2014 list comes around in May.

For boys:

- In 2013, Noah took the first spot which completely threw me off, since I was not expecting that. I'm not sure if he can keep his momentum going on, but I'll say its between Noah, Mason and Liam for #1. I think those 3 will hog the top3 for a while.
 - I dont think we will be having new entries to the boys top 10, but if we do, I can only see Elijah achieving that. The one in danger of leaving? Jayden. Its glory days are over and I think it'll start falling fast, at least for now