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Names Of The Year 2014

Another year has quickly gone by, and there have been several interesting names floating around. Predictions are, as usual, quite hard to do, but I'll try my very best to be accurate once the 2014 list comes around in May.

For boys:

- In 2013, Noah took the first spot which completely threw me off, since I was not expecting that. I'm not sure if he can keep his momentum going on, but I'll say its between Noah, Mason and Liam for #1. I think those 3 will hog the top3 for a while.
 - I dont think we will be having new entries to the boys top 10, but if we do, I can only see Elijah achieving that. The one in danger of leaving? Jayden. Its glory days are over and I think it'll start falling fast, at least for now
- In the top 100, I think we will have some big climbs from Wyatt, Hunter, Henry, Sebastian, Jaxon, Jace, Oliver, Grayson, Easton, Jaxson, Camden, Lincoln and Jase. Most of these have been trending for years now and will keep on going, others are just now starting to catch fire.
- In the rest of the top 1000, of course all eyes are on Jayceon. It was the name that made headlines in 2013, and we all wanna know where 2014 will take him. Ratings for the reality show Marrying The Game (that features rapper The Game aka Jayceon) in 2014 have been slightly down, but I expect the name to keep on rising fast. He's also the reason why, or at the very least one of the main reasons why, the name King has been taking off so rapidly, since its the name of one of his sons. However, I dont think either of those will crack the top 100 just yet, because the higher you are in the ranking the harder it is to make big leaps. But you never know, you cant really rule them out either. The ones with the biggest shot are Leo, Maxwell, Sawyer, Asher, Silas and Brantley.
- Other big movers should include Mateo, Ryker, Kingston, Ezra, Everett, Jayce, Zayden, Lorenzo, Jax, Brooks, Kamden, Kyrie, Milan, Thiago, Gannon, Apollo, Royal, Oakley, Titan, Stetson and Lochlan. These are all names I've been hearing a lot and are likely to climb.
- Possible new entries to the top 1000 include Leif, Baylor, Sutton, Chevy, Ira, Westley, McCoy, Jaxx, Cairo, Dimitri, Kaison, Robin, Jordi, Briar and Bishop. I dont think Reign will make it this year since Kourtney Kardashian gave birth to her newborn son really late in the year, but for 2015 it should be guaranteed.

For girls:

- I think most people expect Sophia to breeze through, and I do think its very likely that she'll keep her number 1 status. However I think the numbers this time will be closer since it seems to be losing steam to Sofia. Emma is probably the only name that can put up a good fight.
- Making moves into the top 10 will be Charlotte, guaranteed. Others have a smaller shot, but perhaps Avery, Harper and Sofia. It would be interesting to see two spellings of the same name in the top 10 once again. Not all of them will be top 10 though, there's no way four names are dropping out in one year.
- I suspect these will be making waves in the top 100: Sadie, Penelope, Ariana, Mila, Paisley, Aria, Scarlett, Aubree, Nora, Skylar, Violet and Annabelle.
- These might have a shot at the top 100: Quinn, Eleanor, Alice, Eliana, Isabelle, Hadley, Vivian, Cora, Valentina, Adalynn.
- Zooming up the top 1000 are names that are having a lot of momentum: Daleyza, Isla, Arya, Brynlee, Emilia, Arabella, Kendra, Margot, Magnolia, Monroe, Cali, Sutton, India, Juniper, Mabel, Freya, Everly, Lennon and Marjorie.
- New entries to the SSA rank might include: Treasure, Noa, Lyra, Faye, Emmeline, Berkley, Louisa, Arden, Kataleya, Aubriella, Vienna, Maxine, Remington, Beatrix, Cambree, Kensington, Etta, Marlowe, Zendaya, Calliope, Veda. The name I'll be keeping an eye on is Dalary, it has never even ranked in the extended SSA list, but it should be the top debut of the year, not sure if high enough for a top 1000 status, but should produce a big splash nonetheless. Why you ask? Because she's the name of the newborn daughter on the family reality show Larrymania, sister to Daleyza.

Do you agree with these? Which names are you predicting to shoot up?

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