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Name In Spotlight: Reign

After several days of speculation on what Kourtney Kardashian would name her second son, from Jeffrey, to something related to that name, it turns out we were all way off. She picked Reign. A lot of people were not pleased with this outlandish choice, but I dont think its as bad as North (West), or at least that name combo. And here's why: this name may seem crazy to us born in the 20th century, but for a newborn baby these days? It fits right in with other popular choices such as King or Major.

Now, Reign is indeed still a rare choice, only 25 boys received this moniker in 2013, and those numbers were actually well down from 2012. However, if the Kardashian impact on baby names is believed to be true (at least the Kourtney Kardashian influence), then expect to see this one skyrocket next year. Nonetheless, dont expect this to be the next Mason or Penelope. Those names were already popular once Kourtney picked them, so many parents weren't really taking a risk when they opted to use them - with Reign, I feel like while it will get a great boost, its only gonna be embraced by brave babynamers, so dont expect a top 100 status anytime soon, but give it a few years and who knows?

As much as I dont really like this new trend of "macho/grand" baby names that has taken off for boys, I do like Reign. It's one of the few I've always liked along with Knight (which was used several years ago for the singer Kelis' son). Hopefully if this one takes off, it will open up room for my favorite spelling of the name, Rain - you know I'm a sucker for nature names and Rain makes a wonderful choice.

How do you feel about Reign? Yay or nay?

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