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"The Vampire Diaries" Names

I was questioning whether I should include the names of characters that have migrated to the spinoff show The Originals, and I decided I should leave those aside. Don't fret, I should be doing a post dedicated to The Originals too, as that show has plenty of interesting names to go about. But for now, I'm gonna focus on the mother show The Vampire Diaries, which has been going on for 6 seasons now, and has given us some curious monikers over the years.

Names of the main cast:

Elena - She is the protagonist of the show, and her name is a more modern variant of the dusty Helen, however it is being plagued by useless alternative spellings such as Alaina and Alayna. Personally, I'd stick with Elena which is simple, elegant and international.

Damon - Some may be put off because it is just a letter away from "demon", but I think most people wouldn't make that connection. If you like Damien, but want something less common, this is a good option.

Katerina - This is the character's real name, however she mostly went by Katherine. While I do enjoy Katherine, I think Katerina is a wonderful alternative, and you still get the royal chic nickname Kate.

Stefan - If the name Stephen feels dated to you, then why not pick up on Stefan? I actually like it better too.

Bonnie - Retro nickname that has yet to make a comeback, but I do think it will eventually be back. I do think it works well on its own.

Jeremy - Still popular, but I feel people these days would be more into Jeremiah. Its definitely fresher.

Caroline - Probably the most popular name right now on this list, Caroline is a classic. It has spent most of its time in the top 200, and I can see why. Its feminine, classy, and with plenty of nickname options. 

Tyler - I think these days people would associate this name to the 90s when it was at its zenith. Yet, the name has stuck around and is still well inside the top 100, albeit falling. Perhaps a modern classic for boys? Time will tell.

Some interesting character names from the secondary cast, since the very first season up to the current 6th season:

Alaric - This name has gotten a boost from the show, but has surprisingly not cracked the top 1000 yet. I think this is a great name, the only turnoff for me is the nickname Rick which is quite dated. Maybe Ally could work?

Silas - Speaking of classic names, this one is an example I like to use. For some people the term "classic" means names that have never left the top 100, for me its names that have a long history. Silas may not be anywhere near as overused as William, but to me its just as classic. The fact that it hasn't always been used a lot all the time, is a plus.

Luka - Lucas and Luke are all the rage these days, so if you want to avoid an overly common name, Luka is the one to go. This is the slavic variant (Luca is the italian one), and it has been getting more attention in the last few years.

Enzo - This one originated mostly as a nickname for Lorenzo, but it definitely works on its own too. In fact, I think I prefer it over its longer forms such as Lorenzo or Vicenzo. Its short, spunky and easy to spell.

Sloane - On the show, Sloane was a female, and I do think most people picture a girl when they hear this name, maybe because of its similarity to Joan. However, I think it works well on both genders.

Isobel - This spelling of Isabelle is rarely used these days, and not even Grey's Anatomy gave it the boost it deserved. Personally, I prefer the spelling Isabel, but if you like unusual legit spellings, Isobel is a great choice.

Harper - Surprise surprise, but this Harper was a man. Unfortunately he was rarely seen so I doubt it had any impact on the usage of this name for boys, but while Harper is increasingly pink, I think it wears super well on a boy too.

Jonas - As much as I love unusual alternatives to popular names, I still prefer Jonah over Jonas. Maybe its because the boyband Jonas Brothers have made me associate the name with them. Maybe its a good association if you're a fan of them, but not for me.

Maddox - He was a witch on the show, but one of those who is here in one episode and gone in the other. It's too bad, because Maddox is one of my favorite names. I just love names that end in the letter "x".

Andie - For those of you who love androgynous nicknames such as Charlie, this one should be right up your street. Nonetheless, I would probably recommend the name Andrea or one of its variants over plain Andie.

Atticus - A rising star in the last decade, Atticus went from being unknown and out there to being perfectly usable these days. Names ending in the letter "s" are definitely trending right now.

Rudy - I wonder if the popularity of Ruby for girls could bring this name up for boys? It hasn't happened yet, but it could eventually. I think it's a cute name.

Galen - Sounds like a name that we would hear a lot these days, amongst all the Jaylen's and Aiden's. But it isn't. It actually was more common before all of those soundalike names came around, and exited the top 1000 in 1996. I guess if you are into the long "a" sound, but want something uncommon, this is a good option.

Rose - Very predictable choice as a middle name, but more surprising as a first name choice. Flower names are very in right now, and if you can't see yourself using a wild choice such as Amaryllis, Rose is the safest choice out there I suppose.

Nadia - Relatively common since the 70s, Nadia isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Its easy to spell, international, and a great alternative to the classic Natalie.

Tessa - I swear I hear this name quite a lot on tv shows and movies, and yet, its nowhere near as common as its popularity on screen suggests. I do think it has the potential to be well inside the top 50, all it needs is a big boost as a celeb baby name or something along those lines.

Wesley - Another name I would file as "classic", Wesley has been around for a long time. Unlike Silas, its popularity has been super stable, always inside the top 200. If you like a name that is as evergreen as James, but not on the same level of popularity, this is a wonderful choice.

Liv - It screams nickname to me, for either Livia or Olivia, but people have started to embrace it on its own. If you like short girl names, it can't get much shorter than this.

Ivy - This one will probably join the top 100 soon thanks to Beyonce using it as a middle name for her daughter, so if you want to avoid common names I'd put a warning sign on this one.

Tripp - This would be a very wacky choice 10 years ago, but because of Bristol Palin who put it on the map, its rather tame these days. It doesn't seem to be trending anymore, so it wont be super common anytime soon.

Kai - From an exotic hawaiian import, to a perfectly usable choice for a boy of any nationality. Kai has immense appeal, plenty of history, and even several origins. I'm surprised its not a top 100 choice like it is over in the UK, but I guess all it needs is some celebrity love, and boom, it's there.

Interesting names of actors:

Nina - I think Nina Dobrev has given this name a much needed makeover, transforming it into a young and fresh choice again. While the name isn't trending, I think the actress is a big part of the reason why this name isnt falling anymore.

Persia - I guess this could be considered a place name right? It is a lovely name and I wish it would be used more often. Sounds similar to Portia, but still different enough.

Casper - Could this name be losing its "friendly ghost" tag? I think it might be. I guess if you're in doubts you could aways spell it the german way, Kaspar. Or go with a similar name, like Caspian.

Olga - Let me guess, when you picture someone named Olga, you picture an old russian woman with a temper? Well, the actress is nothing like that. She's a beautiful young woman that has given this name a much lighter association. At least in my eyes.

Marguerite - At one point in time, this was the chic alternative to the overused Margaret. Eventually the name fell out of fashion while Margaret remains common. With foreign imports becoming increasingly used in America, I guess we could bring this one back?

Raffi - This moniker is of armenian origin and it would be one that would go over well here. Could be used as a possible nickname for Rafael or Rafferty, but it doesnt require a more formal name.

Malese - It sounds like one of those names that would be popular these days, but its not even in the top 1000. This would be a great alternative to Malia, Reese or Molly.

As you can see, not all TV shows bring us the same old names like Jack, Joseph or David, some actually try to use some interesting monikers for us to appreciate. What are your favorites names from The Vampire Diaries?

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