sexta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2014

Happy Birthday to XXNamesInTrendXY! We're 4!

Today is a party day! Can't believe this blog is already 4 years old, it feels like yesterday really when I was deciding whether I should share my thoughts on baby names with you all. I wanna thank everyone who keeps viewing and commenting on my posts, you are very much appreciated and I enjoy your thoughts a lot.

We won't receive any presents, but you guys are. I've decided to share with you something that is only available to me as the administrator of this blog, and that is, to show you which posts have had the most views since its debut back in August 2010.

And the leaders are:

domingo, 24 de agosto de 2014

Name In Spotlight: Ophelia

Ophelia is a female name of greek origin that means "help". Dave Grohl, front member of the band Foo Fighters, recently bestowed this name on her daughter, and I really like it. It might seem a bit out there, but if you think about, it isn't worlds away from some of the most common names of today, such as Olivia or Sophia.

 Ophelia has a pretty nice meaning, who doesn't need some help in their lives right? But in literary terms, she has a somber past.

Name In Coffin: Adolph

The name Adolph is of old german origin, and it means "noble wolf" or "majestic wolf". It is the name of a saint, and also a german and swedish royal name. A famous bearer is filmmaker Adolph Zukor, pictured above, who founded Paramount Pictures back in 1912.

Contrary to popular belief, the name had been downtrending long before World War II first started. Although that war may be to blame for the name's terrible numbers today, with a very low chance of making a comeback. Adolf Hitler is still well known man today, and since WWII is a prominent subject in every history class (and will most likely remain one), his name is certainly going to stick around. Yes, he spells it differently, but Adolf is just a variant spelling of Adolph, and pronounced the exact same way.

quinta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2014

Name In Trend: Sawyer

Sawyer is a name of english origin that means "wood worker", therefore making it an occupational name. However, thanks to Mark Twain naming his hero Tom Sawyer in the novel "The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer", it also has a literary connection that most people are aware of.

Sawyer is a name that has been embraced by parents and celebrities alike. The Early Show presenter Erica Hill used it for her son back in 2010. Even though surnames have been adopted as first names for boys since the dawn of time, it wasn't always the case with Sawyer, who is relatively new to the "scene". Let's see how this name has performed on the SSA chart:

sexta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2014

2014 List: Mathematical Prediction: Girl Edition

Hello readers! I apologize for the long absence, but I had some personal issues that kept me from updating this blog for a while. I will try to be back more often, however I can't promise anything yet.
Over the last few weeks I have managed to do my mathematical predictions for both genders, the boy edition should be out in the next few days. This time, we start with the girl edition, so let's see how the 2014 list could look like next May:

01 Emma (+1)
02 Sophia (-1)
03 Olivia (=)
04 Isabella (=)
05 Ava (=)