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Name In Trend: Sawyer

Sawyer is a name of english origin that means "wood worker", therefore making it an occupational name. However, thanks to Mark Twain naming his hero Tom Sawyer in the novel "The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer", it also has a literary connection that most people are aware of.

Sawyer is a name that has been embraced by parents and celebrities alike. The Early Show presenter Erica Hill used it for her son back in 2010. Even though surnames have been adopted as first names for boys since the dawn of time, it wasn't always the case with Sawyer, who is relatively new to the "scene". Let's see how this name has performed on the SSA chart:

Sawyer only debuted in the ranking back in 1991 at #952, then zoomed up to #596 the following year. I think this can be atributed to professional wrestler Rip Sawyer (real name Sidney Garrison), who won a wrestling championship in 1991 and had to defend his title in 1992 along with his partner. It would certainly explain the sharp rise during those years. The name then bounced around in the middle of the chart until 2005, where it would get a second boost by climbing to #307. This rise is explained quite easily, it's all due to the character Sawyer from the mega hit tv series Lost. The name has been climbing steadily ever since, and it sat at #120 in 2013, an all time high. It has also been climbing for girls, so it can be considered a unisex name.

I think Sawyer is destined to reach the top 100 in a few years, with some luck maybe just 1 or 2, but we all know boy names tend to move slower so it may take some more time. However, with such an appealing sound due to its trendy -er ending, and the fact that its an occupational name, a tv name, a literary name, and a sport name all rolled into one, its definitely one of the most versatile names around. Depending on your reference, it can sound preppy, jocky, nerdy or even cowboyish. With all these advantages, the future can only be bright for Sawyer.

Normally I give out alternative spellings and similar names for my NIT. Today I won't be doing that. Why you ask? Well because Sawyer is really that unique, I cant figure out possible alternative spellings that could be used, and the only similar sounding name I found is Lawyer, so that is my only suggestion this time.

How do you feel about the name Sawyer?

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