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2014 List: Mathematical Prediction: Girl Edition

Hello readers! I apologize for the long absence, but I had some personal issues that kept me from updating this blog for a while. I will try to be back more often, however I can't promise anything yet.
Over the last few weeks I have managed to do my mathematical predictions for both genders, the boy edition should be out in the next few days. This time, we start with the girl edition, so let's see how the 2014 list could look like next May:

01 Emma (+1)
02 Sophia (-1)
03 Olivia (=)
04 Isabella (=)
05 Ava (=)

06 Mia (=)
07 Emily (=)
08 Abigail (=)
09 Charlotte (+2)
10 Sofia (+3)
11 Avery (+1)
12 Madison (-3)
13 Harper (+3)
14 Elizabeth (-4)
15 Amelia (+2)
16 Evelyn (+4)
17 Aubrey (+1)
18 Chloe (-4)
19 Ella (-4)
20 Victoria (+5)

Next year could bring us a few surprises, which include a new (sorta) #1, and two much needed new entries to the top 10, which has been looking quite stale. Emma returning to the top spot might surprise some people, especially because Sophia has had quite an advantage in the last few years. However, the tables are turning for Sophia, and parents are starting to embrace the latin spelling Sofia with open arms. Could 2014 bring us two spellings of the same name in the top10? It has happened before, remember Deborah and Debra way back? It's not impossible. The other new entry would be Charlotte, which has made some impressive climbs. The rest of the top20 would have a few ups and downs, but only one entry, with Victoria knocking Addison down to #23.

Now the biggest climbers:

25 Aria (+15)
29 Sadie (+21)
31 Scarlett (+11)
33 Penelope (+23)
42 Ariana (+12)
48 Mila (+30)
52 Violet (+17)
57 Paisley (+23)
59 Skylar (+14)
62 Ellie (+12)
66 Nora (+17)
69 Nicole (+23)
70 Annabelle (+11)
76 Ruby (+17)

The biggest fallers:

60 Alexis (-14)
61 Sarah (-13)
63 Hailey (-20)
64 Nevaeh (-17)
71 Bella (-13)
72 Alexa (-12)
73 Kylie (-12)
86 Taylor (-27)
89 Alyssa (-32)
96 Ashley (-29)
97 Brianna (-26)
100 Khloe (-21)

And my favorite part, the new entries:

78 Eleanor 
87 Alice
92 Hadley
94 Valentina
95 Quinn
98 Cora 

For these to come in, the following names have to fall out: Sophie, Lauren, Makayla, Kayla, Sydney and Morgan.

As for the new entries, there's a bit of everything here: if you like old lady chic names, you have Eleanor, Cora and Alice; if you like boy names on girls you have Hadley and Quinn, and if you like latino flavored names there's Valentina. Of course, the numbers are super close, and names like Eliana, Reagan, Vivian or Isabelle have a shot at getting in the top100 if they keep up the good pace they had in 2013.

Like every year, I like to remember people that this is just good fun. There's no telling when a rising name may start falling, when a name will suddenly get a boost, etc. For example, last year Sadie would never have made it in the top 100, but with a helping hand from the tv show Duck Dynasty, its there now and doing great. Who would have guessed Nicole would make an abrupt comeback after years of falling - if it keeps those numbers this year, it will be one of the biggest rank climbers of 2014. So take these with a grain of salt, but for most names, its quite an accurate prediction of where they're heading.

Are there any names you think will make an impact that didnt make this list? Perhaps a celeb baby name? Or a new character on a tv show? Let me know.

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