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Update On Previous Names In Trend (4)

So it's that time of the year where I take a look back at all those names that featured in my Name In Trend segment, and see if they are still trending. If they fall in the rankings for 2 consecutive years, or if I feel they have been stalling for several years, I drop them from this update.


Climbed over 20 places in the last year, and its very close to entering the top 100 for the first time. It'll get the for sure, as this name seems to be loved by everyone right now.


It's now up to #87, it's highest peak yet. I don't think this is the last time we'll see this name climbing, it's very on trend.


Dropped 3 places to #103, so its stay in the top 100 was very brief, only a year. Are people moving on to Ryker instead?


Zooming up the charts, its now officially in the top 300. This is my favorite spelling of the name, since it looks like an occupational name, as in a kart driver.


After stalling in 2012, it dropped for the first time in 2013 to #81. I think the fact that the original Teen Mom is no longer on air has something to do with it. We'll have to wait and see if it can reclimb, or if its down down down from here. I hope not, its a relatively new name in the top 100, so it's still fresh to me.


It's now sitting pretty at #88, and shows no signs of slowing down. I think as long as country singer Easton Corbin brings attention to this name, it'll keep on climbing.


Not yet #1, but it was super close to getting there this year, only around 80 babies away from Noah. I'm not surprised since I hear this name everywhere. Add to it all the boys named William who probably go by Liam, and it's really one the most overused name right now.


Climbed approximately 40 places to #119 in 2013, this is a serious contender for the top 100 when next years list comes out. Again, it has a very popular celebrity bringing attention to the name, in this case, singer Brantley Gilbert.


This one is red hot. Its now safely in the top 100, at #80. Could this one be rising because of singer Brad Paisley? It's a possibilty.


It fell for the first time, albeit only 6 spots. However the alternative spellings Journee and Jurnee are both still very trendy, so maybe that's why this one is struggling to climb?


Massive. That's all I can say about this one. From #91 last year to #40 this year, you just know this one is heading for the top 10. And it will be a welcome addition, because oddly the girls top 10 is quite stale right now.


After climbing every year and making it's way to the top 20 in 2012, it finally dropped 4 places last year. My guess is that people are undecided whether they like Zoey or Zoe better, so until people stick with one, these 2 spellings will battle each other.


This one is also making big moves inside the top 100, and is now at #42. This is the trendy name that parents that like classics for their daughters, wouldn't hesitate to use. It just appeals to a broad variety of namers.

No longer trendy: Rhys, Jayden, Nevaeh, Khloe.

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