domingo, 15 de março de 2015

Celebrity Baby Names of 2014 - Review

This year I'm a bit late with my reviews, but they're here. There were so many interesting celeb baby names in 2014, that it was hard to keep the list short, so bear with me. Of course, I'll be including names that I don't like, names that are a bit plain to me, but the names who were just reported as, for example, "John" and no middle name just didn't make the cut - the first name is boring for me, plus no middle to comment just doesn't deserve a critique. Anyway, here we go!


Genesis Ali - After singer Alicia Keys previously gave birth to a son named Egypt, we knew she was going to surprise us again. And she did. While Genesis is a very common name for girls, its extremely rare on boys, so it fits well with how unique his brother's name is.

Reign Aston - I think Kourtney did it much better this time. I'm sorry to go against the current, but to me Reign just sounds a lot more interesting (in a good way) than Mason. I'm not usually a fan of title names, but this is one of the few exceptions. The luxurious middle name is ok, but Reign is really the star here.

Zephyr Emerson - I've loving the name Zephyr so much lately, it's actually in my very own top 10. I love nature names, including ones like Zephyr where the connection is less obvious, and pairing it with Emerson makes the combo flow really well.

terça-feira, 3 de março de 2015

Name In Trend: Oakley

Oakley is a name of old English origin that means "meadow of oak trees", pretty straight forward right? So its meaning puts it in the nature name camp, but its also a city in California, therefore it's a place name too. This name has so many great things going for it, starting with its grand O initial which are rarely used for boys these days, the trendy -ley ending, the fabulous nickname Oak, plus the meaning is pleasant and evokes an image of nature and beauty.