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Name In Trend: Oakley

Oakley is a name of old English origin that means "meadow of oak trees", pretty straight forward right? So its meaning puts it in the nature name camp, but its also a city in California, therefore it's a place name too. This name has so many great things going for it, starting with its grand O initial which are rarely used for boys these days, the trendy -ley ending, the fabulous nickname Oak, plus the meaning is pleasant and evokes an image of nature and beauty.

The name Oakley has been used for centuries now, but was never popular. It has recently become a rising star, but not because a famous celeb put it on the map. I think its just an attractive name that is trending because its ticking all the right boxes. Let's check out how its done on the SSA ranking:

 Oakley first charted in 1884 at #689, then almost fell off the charts before reclimbing to its peak position of #535 in 1898. After that, it bounced up and down the charts before slowly exiting the rank in 1921. After a very long hiatus, the name returned in 2012 at #880, and in 2013 it climbed to #771. Something tells me that this name will continue to rise strongly in the next decade or so, as I have been hearing it more often. All it needs now for a faster ascension is a celeb to use it for their son, or for it to be featured on a popular tv show - the latter is unlikely though.

Personally, I feel Oakley is one of the best name rediscoveries in a very long time, and I do hope its destined for great things. What do you think of this nature name? Would you use it on a future son?

Similar names include: Oak, Oakes, Oakland, Oaklyn, Ackerley
Alternative spellings include: Oaklee, Oakleigh, Oaklie, Oaklea

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