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Celebrity Baby Names of 2014 - Review

This year I'm a bit late with my reviews, but they're here. There were so many interesting celeb baby names in 2014, that it was hard to keep the list short, so bear with me. Of course, I'll be including names that I don't like, names that are a bit plain to me, but the names who were just reported as, for example, "John" and no middle name just didn't make the cut - the first name is boring for me, plus no middle to comment just doesn't deserve a critique. Anyway, here we go!


Genesis Ali - After singer Alicia Keys previously gave birth to a son named Egypt, we knew she was going to surprise us again. And she did. While Genesis is a very common name for girls, its extremely rare on boys, so it fits well with how unique his brother's name is.

Reign Aston - I think Kourtney did it much better this time. I'm sorry to go against the current, but to me Reign just sounds a lot more interesting (in a good way) than Mason. I'm not usually a fan of title names, but this is one of the few exceptions. The luxurious middle name is ok, but Reign is really the star here.

Zephyr Emerson - I've loving the name Zephyr so much lately, it's actually in my very own top 10. I love nature names, including ones like Zephyr where the connection is less obvious, and pairing it with Emerson makes the combo flow really well.

Konrad - A lot of people have been talking about this name lately, so it might be making a comeback. Spelling it with a K gives it a more exotic look, but the name unfortunately just does nothing for me.

Isley Ray - Certainly an unique moniker, never ever heard of this name being used before, boy or girl. Isley could make for a masculine variant of Isla I suppose, if that one takes off big time. Overall, its a pleasing name, but doesn't have a wow factor.

Gus Monroe Deveraux - Gus is a nickname mostly used for any August related name, but it certainly works on its own. Personally I prefer the fuller name August (just plain August, not Augustus or Augustin). Monroe is a great middle name, but unfortunately it is followed by another -oh sounding name. I dont like it when two consecutive names rhyme.

River & Jaylen - Did anybody even know that the Jackson family tree expanded last year? Me neither. But Jackie Jackson had twin sons and I think both names go well together. Modern, but not wacky. No middle names revealed, but I am pleased with their first names.

Titan Jewell - Titan will fit right in with classmates Major and Legend. Personally, I feel its too grand of a name for a child, but it's not bad. Jewell I wish had one less "L", because it becomes the word name "jewel", often associated with women, which would soften the hard punch of Titan. Still, the combo flows perfectly.

Simcha - There were celeb baby boys named Luca and Sasha in 2014, and Simcha seems to fit right in the -a trend for boys, and I'm loving it. It is the hebrew word for "joy", and so is a great pick for someone who wants to pick a happy name for their child.

Ford Miller - Unless the name ends in -land, such as Leland, I'm not a fan of -d names on boys, at all. Ford is such a cool modern moniker, but again, it's not for me. Miller is a fine middle name, but overall, meh. At least it doesn't bore me to death.

Emerson Spencer - It's nice to see Emerson being used on the appropriate gender, I feel this one won't go the way of Addison and Madison and disappear, especially because its relatively well heard amongst latino families (for their sons).

Cash Van - I know Cash has musical ties to it, but all I see is a green piece of paper with a dollar sign on it. When you pair it with the name Van, this combo is atrocious. Is this a van that gives money a way? I guess its a playful name... that's the most positive thing I could think of.

Samuel Hawke - People think that Samuel is one of the oldschool names that is underrated and is making a comeback. It's fine if you think its underrated, but surely its not making a comeback since it never went away in the first place. Overused classics are not for me, but at least his middle name is interesting. Just wish they'd switch the names around.

Fordham Rhys - Not a fan of Fordham. All I think is a combo of Ford, which I already said I don't like, and Ham, which is food. It's not a name that pleases my ears, but it's certainly unique. Rhys is a wonderful middle name though, this is a welsh classic that does need to be used more.

Bosley Jo - I'm a fan of many -ley names on boys, they just sound less tacky than on girls - maybe because on girls they are far too overused with many alternative spellings that make them look cheap. Bosley however isn't one of them I'm afraid. It's okay, but it just doesn't hit the right notes. It does have one thing going for it, and that is its meaning "meadow near the woods". Magic.

Saint Laszlo - Another grand name that I feel is just too grand for a child, or even a grown person. I think it works fine as a quirky middle name, but when its your first it's just slightly odd to me. Laszlo Saint would sound so much better, don't you agree?

Jack Lion - I think you all know how I feel about Jack, I think i've critiqued the name before. It's way overused and has too many negative and inappropriate associations for me to ever think it's a good name for any kid. The only reason it's even on this list is because the name Lion is offbeat, but not one I care for.

Larkin Zouey - Larkin is a great choice and makes a better moniker than Lark for me. I don't care for Lark even on girls, the sound reminds me of Clark and Mark which I find dated. Zouey is a lively middle name that compliments Larkin really well.

Kelsey Gabriel Elias - I think if anyone would get away with having a son named Kelsey these days, it would be actor Kelsey Grammer, since he's probably the most well known Kelsey of any gender. Little Kelsey isn't actually a junior because Kelsey Grammer's first name is actually Allen. So his newborn son is a boy that really has Kelsey as his first name, and I love it. I think its far too overused on girls, so it sounds fresh on a little boy. Gabriel and Elias indicate the gender of the child clearly.

Wilder Towne - I could swear that the name Wilder or Wylder was in the top 1000, but surprisingly it's not. I guess it's one of those names you hear often on name blogs that just haver never taken off. I think it's a fabulous name. Towne isn't my style though.

River Juozas - What a great combo. I absolutely love the name River on a boy, it's in my personal top 10 list if I ever have a son one day. There's just so many great things about it, that I think it's the best nature name around. Juozas is the lithuanian variant of Joseph, that compliments River well. In fact, if you're like me and you're fed up of Joseph, Joe and Jose, why not look a little bit further and find more exotic variants? Juozas is wonderful.

Oliver Finlay - A classy combo, that't the best compliment I can come up with. Oliver is a fine name, but you just know its heading for the top right? I feel like in 10 years I'll be tired of hearing this name everywhere, a bit like Mason or Jacob today. Finlay would make a better first name since its just as classic, but nowhere near as overused. At all.

Future Zahir - Poor Ciara. She named her son after the stage name of her rapper boyfriend, and now they're divorced and they're dissing each other everywhere. Everytime she calls out her son's name, she'll be reminded of dad. And while he isn't a junior, and Future is certainly an interesting almost never used name, this is (just) one of the reasons I'm against giving sons the same name as dad. The same thing goes for Kendra Wilkinson and little Hank, and so many other celebrities. I could go on and on about this issue since it's by biggest naming pet peeve, but at the end of the day, that little boy deserves his own first name. He already shares his last name with dad. Maybe she can call him Zahir? I don't know.

Alexander Frost - Another case of an interesting name being lost in the middle. Frost would make a daring first name choice (even if its not one of my fav nature names), instead it's in the middle and paired with Alexander, a super common choice. So I guess he'll just be one of many, instead of the only Frost in the classroom. I know it's a classic name, but let's spice it up a bit. Go with Xander, or with a more exotic international variant like Alexei. The range of choices is so big, why go with the most common one?

Jaxon Wyatt - Everyone is wondering if Jaxon will overtake Jackson as the more common spelling. I don't think so. While I am spotting more and more little Jaxon's online, there are also many who are named Jaxson, Jaxen, Jaxyn, etc. This will stop Jaxon from getting too high on the SSA charts (same reason Jackson isn't at #1 as it should be), and when people get fed up of hearing about the name, the spelling variants are the first to fall, and Jackson will probably remain in the top 100 for decades to come as the go to spelling. The only way I could see Jaxon overtaking Jackson would be if someone like Kourtney Kardashian used it on a son.

Charlie West - Such an upbeat combo, I love it. I can't stand the name Charles, and since Charlie is such a classic nickname, it doesn't need a more formal moniker. It works perfectly on it's own. West is a blissful middle name choice, and the flow of this combo is on point.

Otis Alexander - See this is the place I feel overused classics should be, the middle. That gives room for more underused choices, like Otis, to shine.

Beckett Thomas - Again, the classic takes the middle name spot, and the more underused moniker takes the spotlight. If you're a person that isn't afraid to go just a tiny bit out there, names like Beckett are appropriate, and you can still pair them with a classic name. The difference is the kid will have a more unique name, and won't have to share it with the many Tom's of the world.

Tristan & Sasha - To be honest, not the names I would picture on two twin boys. They seem a bit mismatched to me. Tristan is fine, if a bit dated to me. The star here is Sasha, which has been used for a long time on girls in America, but almost never on boys. Maybe this is about to change with Shakira naming her son Sasha this year? We'll see. I just with Tristan was actually Milo, Luka, or something along those lines.

Booker Jombe - Definitely 2 names that stand out, but I'm not feeling either one of them. Booker is just too close to a word that means "prostitute", and Jombe I'm not even sure how that's pronounced. Is it "zombie" but with a "j" instead? Not a fan, whatsoever.

Apollo Bowie Flynn - Can I rearange the order please? Bowie and Flynn are 2 of my favorite names, but instead its Apollo that got the first name spot. Not that Apollo is bad or anything, it's just that the other two are so much better. Still, its a great great combo.

Bodhi Rain - 2014 was the year Bodhi came center stage in the celeb baby world. 2 little boys were announced as being named Bodhi in the same week, how strange was that? And then we haven't heard of another since. Still, I'm hoping this surge of interest in this name will be reflected in the SSA rank for 2014. Rain is a great middle name choice (I like it better than Reign), and both names compliment each other remarkably.

Lyric Sonny Roads - We all knew Soleil Moon Frye would come up with something quirky, and she did. Not that Lyric is a super unique name, it is inside the top 1000, but it's a name we don't hear often. Sonny is a decent middle, and Roads ends the combo with a bang (would be even better spelt Rhodes). If you're gonna go all out there, then do it well please. I think she did it right.

Shepherd - I wasn't thrilled at all with Jared Padalecki's choice for his previous son, but this time I was pleasantly surprised. Shepherd might not be my favorite name ever, but it certainly beats 2 names hand picked from the overused top 100.

Buzz Michaelangelo - Just now I talked about that if you're gonna go for wild and over the top, then do it right. While Soleil did it right, this is how you do it wrong. Buzz to me is just an unattractive word name, and there are so many word names to choose from that it baffles me that this is the one they liked the most. And pairing it with Michaelangelo, which for me is just a silly name, simply makes it even worse.

River Isaac - I'm hoping the fact that celebrities are using River for their boys continues because of a certain River that was born last year (I'll talk about it in the girls section). My homeland girl Daniela Ruah gave her son a fantastic first name, that is probably gonna take portuguese people some getting use to, and paired it with Isaac, probably to honor her jewish roots. Job well done Daniela!

Lazer Lee Louis - Well obviously the alliteration was intentional, but at least all 3 names sound very different to my ears, and he's done the right thing of putting the more uncommon moniker first. I quite like Lazer actually, and I could see this one becoming more common in the next decade or so, but definitely not popular.

Charlton Valentine - I want to congratulate these parents for searching for an alternative to the overused Charles. If you're unlike me and you think Charlie needs a more formal name, then you don't need to use Charles. Charlton is just one option. Valentine is a great name and works well in this combo. They did everything right.

Bodhi Ransom - Here's the other Bodhi I was talking about. This time, it's paired with Ransom, which is a bit of a guilty pleasure for a lot of people because it sounds like a handsome name. Unfortunately it's mostly associated with a terrible meaning: demanding money for someone that is held captive. This is what brings the combo down for me, but at least the first name is absolutely wonderful.

Michael Thomas - I guess they wanted to pick the safest combo possible, and they've successfully achieved that. Two very overused names with little personality left. A boring choice.


Delta Bell - Delta is a bit of an obscure nature name that is rarely ever used. The only celebrity I know of with this name is australian pop singer Delta Goodrem. Bell is a quirky middle name that gives this name some sound.

Kinzee Cruz - I do not like any of the "-insi" soundalike names, and this one is no different. The spelling is offputting too. Cruz I dont mind as a middle name for a girl. But overall, this name is a no no.

Briar Rose - Briar is an adorable name, and I like it for both genders actually (for boys as an alternative to the dated Brian). However on a girl, the one name you shouldn't pair Briar with is Rose. I know Sleeping Beauty is your favorite Disney movie, but did you have to state it that obviously? Briar Rosalie would make it so much better.

Marlowe Monroe - Again with the rhyming names, and these ones even start with the same letter. Name combo not approved. Sorry.

Alexandra Kalliope - Once again, a more interesting name is lost in the middle. Kalliope or Calliope is a wonderful bright moniker that could've made a marvellous and unique first name choice. Oh well... at least Alexandra doesn't carrry the same weight of popularity as Alexander does.

Avri Roel - I'm not sure what the parents were attempting, if its just another spelling of Avery or if they liked Avril but forgot to put the "l" at the end. Either way, I dont like it.

Kennedy Taylor - Is Kennedy Taylor a girl or a boy? That's probably what those parents will hear a lot. I know Kennedy is a lot more common these days for girls, but its still a masculine sounding name with the John F Kennedy association, and I feel like pairing it with Taylor, another gender neutral name will probably give arise to some confusion.

Sienna Miller - Sienna is a name you hear around quite often, but it's actually not that popular. It's a pretty name, and Miller is quite an unusual name, especially on a girl. The combo works well, but it does sound like first and last name rather than first and middle name.

Stella June - I just love this name combo. It reminds me of a bright starry eyed sky in the peak of summertime. I guess its sort of what this name means, but its just conjures up such a pleasant image it for me.

Wyatt Isabelle - From the marvellous to the hideous. I'm sorry, but Wyatt just doesn't work on a girl. It's probably one of the most macho cowboy-esque names for boys there is. At least they didn't spell it Wyette or something... Isabelle is fine, but even that name isn't my favorite spelling of it, I much prefer Isabel. Or even Isobel.

Charlotte Clinton - Like the name Sienna Miller, this one sounds like first and last name combo rather than first and middle. Charlotte is fine but way too overused now. Carlotta would make a much needed fresh alternative.

Giovanna Marie - "Who knew Snookie could name her kids so well?". That's what I hear all the time. I admit she gave her kids nice decent names, but they're hardly the most interesting names around. Marie is a filler middle name for example. I guess they thought she would gravitate more towards a low budget kind of name given her behavior on the Jersey Shore, but the woman has changed her ways. Giovanna makes a welcome alternative to Gianna and Joanna.

Viola Philomena - I wonder if actress Viola Davis will inspire parents to use her name more often? I hope so because its a great one, with musical ties, and would make a nice change from all the Violet's out there. Philomena is a grand old lady chic name, and works well with Viola. There was another celebrity couple that used Philomena as a first name for their daughter, so it might be making a comeback.

Esmeralda Amada - I think most people will think of Disney's Esmeralda first rather than the precious gemstone. However in this case Amada distracts you from that association, unlike the Briar Rose case which is just in your face obvious. The only thing I'm wondering is why english variant Emerald is being paid dust? Its a beautiful name. This is one of the few cases where the national variant needs more loving. Amada is a nice gentle middle name.

Rose Dorothy - Let's thank these parents for not using Rose as a filler middle name. Rose as a first name certainly packs more energy than in the middle, and is Dorothy making its way back? It's possible.

Elizabella Dylan - For once, a new smoosh name that isn't terrible. Alyssa combined classics Elizabeth with Isabella and created a nouveau name for her daughter that is stylish and pretty. Dylan is rather unremarkable though.

London Rose - So I guess you picked your daughter in a flower market back in London? Parents need to pay attention to the name combos they pick. While this association isn't as bad as Cash Van, its still rather on the tacky side.

Ophelia Saint - Like I said before, Saint works a lot better as a middle name choice. But as unusual as it is on a human being, the star of this combo is Ophelia. What a stunning underused name that parents have feared of using for a long time, but may be now rising like phoenix. It's such a beautiful name, people just need to get over the Hamlet association. Now can we do the same for Jezebel? I'm rooting for that one to shed it's controversial image too.

Vale Guthrie - I'm not sure what to think of this name. Vale is daring but not one I actually like, and Guthrie does little for my name taste buds.

Meilani Alexandra - We've talked about Snookie and now we move onto Jwoww, her costar from the Jersey Shore back in the days. Meilani is a variant of Melanie apparently, but I think Jenny was actually going for a spin on Leilani. Or perhaps its a smoosh name? Either way, it's an ok name.

Summer Rain - Again, its a combo that is just too evocative of something specific. I love word names, but don't pair 2 of them together that actually form something logical, like "summer rain"...

Daenerys Josephine - Someone is a big fan of Game Of Thrones I guess, that's what happens when you pick invented literary choices, people will always associate it with the character they're named after. Thankfully its paired with Josephine which brings the "outrageous" meter down somewhat.

Alayna Madeleine - What could've been one of the best name combos on this list is brought down by that terrible alternative spelling of Elena. Some names get away with alternative spellings, others even need it, but that's not the case with Elena. And I'm actually quite tolerant towards different spellings of established names, but not this one. Elena looks beautiful as it is and doesn't require photoshop.

Georgia Marie - It's funny that I can't stand George, but find Georgia lovable. It's just so lively and spunky, unlike uncle George. Marie combos nicely with it, even if it is generic.

Chloe Sophia - While this is a classy combo, it's also way too safe and boring. Turn up the heat a bit, and by that I dont mean spelling it Khloe, just find something similar but not as predictable. Perhaps the name Cleo? Cleo Sophia works just as well, but has so much more personality.

River Rose - Remember in the boys section when I talked about hoping celebrities kept using River for their boys? Well this is the reason. Kelly Clarkson, who is a major pop star, named her daughter River. And now I'm fearful that the best nature name for boys could be swooped away by the girls. I know nature names are in theory unisex, but for example flower names (which are a category of nature names) are mostly reserved for girls. Can't we keep some nature names exclusively for boys? River to me just sounds a million times better on a boy. Ugh. The alliteration with the middle name Rose throws me off too, and overall this is just a big thumbs down from me.

Isabelle Amarachi - Well the middle name is interesting right? Although as I'm saying the name in my head I'm reminded of a mariachi. Hmmm. Isabelle is decent as a first name, I wonder if it'll rejoin the top 100? Kerry Washington is certainly a big enough star to give it the push it needs.

Sunday Molly - Now this is how you do word names people. Either use 2 word names that don't go together, like Bridge Halo for example, or pair it with a normal name. Sunday Molly works well, Sunday Moon wouldn't. I think this is a pleasing pair.

Nina Odette - Ever since the actress Nina Dobrev came on the scene I've began liking this name. I think she rejuvenated it. Odette is a moniker that deserves to make a comeback, it's very underused. The combo doesn't flow perfectly for me, but both names are great. Definitely one of the highlights on this list.

Beau Katherine - No no no. Why use Beau when you have a perfect and legitimate feminine form like Belle? Or even Bella. Beau is a handsome choice for boys and I just can't picture it on a female.

Annabel Leah - This is my favorite spelling of the name, it looks less frilly than Annabelle. However my absolutely favorite is the name its derived from: Amabel. Could that take off too please?

Willow Phoenix - This one has a very nice nature name feel to it, both Willow and Phoenix work fine on both genders, but Willow works a bit better for girls, and Phoenix works better for boys. Thankfully she chose the order correctly since this is a girl. Phoenix Willow would make a great boy name.

Gaia Jissel - This name combo just breaks my heart. One of the most beautiful names of all time, paired with a weird spelling of Giselle. Gaia means "mother nature", and is pretty much the queen of all nature names. It's almost never used and so makes a striking bold choice as a first name. I hope I'm not being misinformed with Jissel, but I don't think its a legit variant. Its just made up and looks weird to me. Such a shame.

Dahlia Rae - A gorgeous combo, Dahlia is a beautiful flower name that is rising in popularity but still far from being common, and Rae is a pleasant middle name filler that gives it just the right flow.

Bridget Monroe Pope - The only name here I'm not sure of is Pope. Well at least its hidden away as the second middle. Bridget Monroe however is stunning, and I do think Monroe works well on a girl as a middle name, with a more feminine sounding first name. Bridget is classy and elegant. I'm satisfied with the combo. Lose the Pope and I'll be thrilled.

Mars Ilah - Every year there has to be some outrageous odd name that people love to talk about, and I think in 2014 that name was Mars. I'm stunned to see this name being used, especially on a girl since Mars is actually the Roman god of war. If we're going to use mythological names that are also used as planet/satellite names for girls, there's so many choices that sound so much better than Mars. Take for example Calypso or Juno. I dont think I even like Mars for a boy, it just has such a harsh sound and meaning, plus it reminds me of the chocolate. For boys I'd suggest Jupiter, now that is one I can be on board with.

Eloise McCue - Eloise is definitely on the train with all the other old lady chic names making it's way towards "en vogue" town. Personally I like Louisa better, but Eloise is still pretty. McCue does nothing for me though, not one of the better Mc- names.

So this is it for 2014, wow was it a long list. Hopefully you had the patience to read it all. I think 2014 brought us some wonderful names from the celeb world, for the most part. I think some of these will have an impact on the SSA list for the year, and I'm not including Reign as one of them because Kourtney gave birth to her son at the very end of the year, so the effect that might have on the popularity of the name will only be seen when the 2015 list comes out next year. As always, I'll leave you with my top and bottom choices for each gender. If your favorite name is on my worst list, don't take it personally, it's just my opinion.

Best Boy Names Of 2014: Zephyr Emerson, Bodhi Rain, Apollo Bowie Flynn, River Juozas
Worst Boy Names Of 2014: Cash Van, Jack Lion, Booker Jombe, Michael Thomas, Buzz Michaelangelo

Best Girl Names Of 2014: Ophelia Saint, Stella June, Nina Odette, Dahlia Rae
Worst Girl Names Of 2014: River Rose, Kinzee Cruz, Wyatt Isabelle, Mars Ilah, Avri Roel

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