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Name In Trend: Journey

The name Journey is of American origin, and means exactly that, a "journey from some place to another, or a trip". It is a modern invention, and has been a trendy name for girls in the past few years. I could only find one celebrity baby named Journey, and that is Jenna Jameson's son, proving that it has unisex potential, like most modern names.

Here is the popularity ranking of Journey for girls:

Name In Trend: Karter

Karter is a modern respelling of the name Carter, which is of English origin, and means "one who transports goods".

I must say I'm not a fan of the name Carter, but I find Karter more appealing (I like "K" names). Whilst the name Carter has been around since the 19th century, Karter has only recently made a big splash in the boys popularity ranking.

Here is how the name Karter has performed:

segunda-feira, 30 de agosto de 2010

Name In Spotlight: Shiloh

Shiloh is of Hebrew origin and means "his gift". Associated as a male name in the past, Shiloh has gained attention as a female name in recent years since it's the name of Angelina Jolie's daughter. However, for me this is one of those names that I could see gaining popularity on boys, if the right opportunity came - like a big star with that name, or a tv character. For some reason, "oh" ending names just scream masculine to me, and that applies to Juno too.

There is one male celebrity that has this name, Shiloh Fernandez.

TV series and their influence on names

We all know how TV and popular series/shows can influence how a name performs. However, I have to vent at TV series constantly giving girls unisex or even manly names, and boys always getting the same old boring names that have been popular since Christ was born...

Grey's Anatomy is one of the main culprits, by naming one of the most popular female characters Addison - arguably one of the reasons the name started to be associated with girls. We all know the lead female character, Meredith, has a boys name, but that has been lost to the girls a long time ago. Addison had a fighting chance, had. Other female characters are: Izzie (Isobel), Lexie, Reed (also a boys name), Callie (Calliope), Sloan (another boy name), Teddy (and another one), and of course the nazi-surgeon commonly called by her surname Bailey - surely doesn't help the boys. The males of course all have typical boy names that everyone is bored of: Derek, Richard, Alex, George, Charles, Jackson - a snoozefest.

Name In Trend: Malia

I said I would devote most of my time to boy names, but of course I'm gonna give girl names some "airtime".

Malia is of Hebrew origin and means "queen". Curiously, it's also the Hawaiian form of Mary, so if you think that's stale, Malia is a good alternative.

Here is the popularity of Malia over the years:

Name In Coffin: Lynn

The name Lynn is of English origin and it means "waterfall, pool". Lynn was commonly used as a male name in the early 20th century, before it became feminised. Today it's also losing ground on the girls side, in fact, the name was last seen on the girl rank back in 1996, so why not bring it back to the boys side? If girls steal, so can boys.

Anyway, here is the popularity of the name Lynn for boys:

Name In Trend: Ryder

Today we're gonna look at the popularity of the name Ryder. Ryder is of english origin and means "horseman, rider". A perfect name for a parent who is into sports, especially where you ride an animal, or a motor vehicle. So I guess it could be seen as an occupational name. This moniker started to become famous thanks to Kate Hudson using it on her son.

Popularity wise, this is how Ryder has behaved:

Lost boy names of 1994

We're gonna travel 15 years back in time to 1994, and check out which boy names have left the top1000 since then. There are names in this list for everyone! The ones in red are my favourites. The number next to the names are their position in the popularity ranking at the time

230. Shaquille
289. Devonte
316. Devante
383. Mackenzie
394. Daquan
448. Sheldon
456. Jarred
464. Stephan
468. Clarence
470. Jarvis
497. Deonte
500. Bernard
501. Clint
505. Tre
511. Barry
512. Garret
513. Bret
519. Shannon
521. Clifford
524. Kory
528. Kelly

domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010

XXnamesintrendXY - What this blog is about

Hello everyone! I'm Skye Rhyly, I'm male, 25 years old.

This blog is for me to publish my opinions on certain names, post interesting information behind each name, popularity rankings, etc...
I'll be posting mainly about trendy names that have been causing some waves in the past few years, and giving some insight behind each one of them. I'm a strong believer in unisex names for boys and boys only, since that's where they originally came from (99% of them). I also do like trendy names for boys, but not macho-like names that try to portray masculinity in a forced way that just sound far too cruel on a kid.
I wont dwell on girl names too much, but of course I'll talk about a few girl names on the rise, since this is what the blog is about. For girls I actually prefer the classic timeless girl names that seem to have fallen out of fashion - but not those which sound far too difficult to pronounce. I do think there is a lack of these in the girls popularity rank.

Hope you guys enjoy it!