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TV series and their influence on names

We all know how TV and popular series/shows can influence how a name performs. However, I have to vent at TV series constantly giving girls unisex or even manly names, and boys always getting the same old boring names that have been popular since Christ was born...

Grey's Anatomy is one of the main culprits, by naming one of the most popular female characters Addison - arguably one of the reasons the name started to be associated with girls. We all know the lead female character, Meredith, has a boys name, but that has been lost to the girls a long time ago. Addison had a fighting chance, had. Other female characters are: Izzie (Isobel), Lexie, Reed (also a boys name), Callie (Calliope), Sloan (another boy name), Teddy (and another one), and of course the nazi-surgeon commonly called by her surname Bailey - surely doesn't help the boys. The males of course all have typical boy names that everyone is bored of: Derek, Richard, Alex, George, Charles, Jackson - a snoozefest.

The main female character of Gossip Girl is named Blair, House has a female named Remy, Melrose Place has a Riley, a Kelly and a Sydney, Entourage has a Sloan, Ugly Betty has a female Alexis, Gilmore Girls has a Rory, Glee of course has a Quinn, a Terri, a Santana and a Shelby. I just cross my fingers that Quinn won't start to become increasingly feminine like Riley due to the show's growing popularity. All of these shows, and plenty of others, simply don't give unisex names to their male characters. Why is that? How can there be so many female Quinn's in tv shows but I've never heard the name on a male character, even when Quinn is a lot more popular as a boys name? It's just stupid and frustrating.

If it were me, all my male characters would be given unisex names, just to establish them as male again, or at least to remind people that there are boys around with these names. Giving your boys these unisex is more than just okay, it's the right thing to do.

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