segunda-feira, 30 de agosto de 2010

Name In Trend: Ryder

Today we're gonna look at the popularity of the name Ryder. Ryder is of english origin and means "horseman, rider". A perfect name for a parent who is into sports, especially where you ride an animal, or a motor vehicle. So I guess it could be seen as an occupational name. This moniker started to become famous thanks to Kate Hudson using it on her son.

Popularity wise, this is how Ryder has behaved:

It first appeared in 1994 at #949. It had it's biggest leap in 2004, when it climbed from #650 to #342. In the latest 2009 ranking, Ryder sits at #145, up 58 spots from last year. Who says boy names can't be trendy and move up and down quickly? Expect Ryder to go top100 in a few years, because it combines masculinity, athleticism, and cowboy swag.

Alternative suggestions, if you're not too fond of Ryder, are: Ryden, Rydell, Rayden, Ridder. These are pretty quirky and a lot less popular.

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