quarta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2013

Celebrity Baby Names of 2012 - Review

As usual during January, I do my review of several celeb baby names that were born the year before. 2012 wasn't a particularly exciting year for baby names, especially if you like outlandish choices, but if you do like old school female names, it was particularly intriguing to see which ones are making a comeback.


Edward Duke - Not a fan of either choice to be honest. Edward is a bit dated imo, and I'm not a fan of title names, so Duke gets a "no" from me too. Plus, if you're gonna call him Duke, just put Edward in the middle, makes no sense to me when middle names are the prefered choice to call someone.

Camden Jack - Camden has been making waves lately, with at least 2 celebrity couples naming their son Camden. I quite like this choice, it's popular without being too overused, plus like many classics that are now below the top100, it doesn't have the baggage that there are a million older men with the same name. I can't stand Jack, but at least it's hidden in the middle spot.

Zander Jace - I like Zander but I do prefer the "x" spelling better. It's one of those nicknames that to me just sound better than the formal name, in this case, Alexander, which is very overused. Jace is a newby name that apparently surfaced as a nickname to Jason, and again, it's a fresher choice than the formal name.