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Celebrity Baby Names of 2012 - Review

As usual during January, I do my review of several celeb baby names that were born the year before. 2012 wasn't a particularly exciting year for baby names, especially if you like outlandish choices, but if you do like old school female names, it was particularly intriguing to see which ones are making a comeback.


Edward Duke - Not a fan of either choice to be honest. Edward is a bit dated imo, and I'm not a fan of title names, so Duke gets a "no" from me too. Plus, if you're gonna call him Duke, just put Edward in the middle, makes no sense to me when middle names are the prefered choice to call someone.

Camden Jack - Camden has been making waves lately, with at least 2 celebrity couples naming their son Camden. I quite like this choice, it's popular without being too overused, plus like many classics that are now below the top100, it doesn't have the baggage that there are a million older men with the same name. I can't stand Jack, but at least it's hidden in the middle spot.

Zander Jace - I like Zander but I do prefer the "x" spelling better. It's one of those nicknames that to me just sound better than the formal name, in this case, Alexander, which is very overused. Jace is a newby name that apparently surfaced as a nickname to Jason, and again, it's a fresher choice than the formal name.

Magnus Mitchell - I don't think anyone is indifferent to Magnus, we either love it or hate it. To me, it just reminds me of the condom brand Magnum, so I'm not a fan of it.

Exton Elias - I'm not sure what to think of Exton, it seems made up, trendy. At least it's super uncommon, so he's unlikely to meet another Exton in his lifetime (unless it takes off...).

London Riley - I love parents who are bold enough to give their sons 2 unisex names, most people feel the need to pair a unisex name with a traditional masculine choice or something uber macho. London to me sounds like a masculine place name, maybe because of the similarity to Landon. Riley of course I love, since it's my middle name (different spelling though), so this one gets two thumbs up.

Brooks Alan - A very cowboyish first name, Brooks has definitely been on the upward trend this past decade, although it's far from being popular. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of Brooks or any of the Broo- names.

Astala Dylan Willow - Definitely the most intriguing name up here, at least for me. Astala seems exotic, personally I never see foreign -a ending names as feminine because they are very common in Africa and Asia. Astala sounds pretty cool to me, and Willow is a pretty nice nature name for a boy too, with it's -o ending sound.

Miles Alexander - I prefer Myles over Miles, because it takes away the measurement connotation away. But overall I do like the name.

Rocky James - I've gotta say I was surprised this couple went with Rocky, I was expecting something a lot more common and traditional. Can't say I'm a fan though...

Bastian Kick - Sebastian seems to be everywhere right now, so I guess Bastian is a fresher alternative if you really enjoy the name, but not it's popularity. For me though, I don't care for either, and Kick seems like a silly middle name.

Lorenzo Dominic - I really like Enzo, but Lorenzo just isn't as appealing for me. I thought she was going to call him Enzo as a nickname, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I don't really like Dominic either, so I'm not a huge fan of this pairing.

Phoenix - I've always really liked the name Phoenix, whether I think of the mythological bird or the city. It's spunky, hopeful, and full of strength.

Cyrus Michael Christopher - I don't mind Cyrus, although you can't help but associate it with a certain disney star. Michael and Christopher are boring overused names, but at least they're middle names. Seeing either choice as a first name just makes me roll my eyes.

Spencer Frederick - I quite like Spencer, it's not too common, even though it's been in the top 100 before. Frederick is one of those traditional names that I do enjoy, maybe because it was never really too common, and it's fallen severely out of favor. Being just outside the top 100 like George, Paul or Peter isn't falling out of favor like a lot of people think. Frederick is below the top500, so it's more in need of a comeback than certain names...

Finn Davey - Finn is one of those names that seems to be everywhere, but actually isn't (it's not even top300). However, it is commonly used as a nickname for other choices, which does increase it's popularity. Personally, I prefer Finley. I do like both names, and it's definitely one of the best celeb baby names of the past year.

Noah Shannon - Noah is everywhere, if Mason wasn't trending so much I'd say this would be the next number one name for boys. Even though it's popular, I do like it. Shannon is a great name for a boy and it's one I'd like to see make a comeback.

Alexander John - Definitely one of my biggest pet peeves, super common first names pared with boring middle names. There's no spark whatsoever about this pairing, and it's surely on my dislike list.

Luca Cruz - Both these names are great, I much prefer Luca to Lucas, and Cruz is pretty cool choice whether as a first or middle name. This combo doesn't flow perfectly, but individually they're great names.

Lion - Animal names, hmmm. Well I guess if Leo and Leon are so popular, why not Lion? Bear, Wolf and Fox are relatively used, so it's not unheard of to use animal names. Don't really like Lion, but it could be worse. Rattlesnake anyone?

Maxfield David - Another interesting option for someone who wants to use Max as a nickname, but doesn't care for Maxwell. David is fine in the middle spot.

Miller William - I don't like either of these names, and both of them don't sound good together. I guess it's the -ill part that exists in both names that makes it a bit clunky.

Sabbath Page - While not one of my favorite names, Sabbath sounds pretty badass, right? There's just something intriguing about this choice. Page in the middle spot works really well too, so it's a thumbs up.

Hawkins Crawford - Another terrible combo, both these names are way too similar to be paired up. It also sounds like a lawfirm.

Logan Phineas - Even though Logan is super popular, I don't particularly mind it, yet. Phineas is not one of my favorite names, in fact, it's a tad unattractive.

Kendrick Kurt - Overload of the "k" sound, doesn't flow too well.

Livingston Alves - Yeah... not a huge fan. I expected something a lot shorter than Livingston, plus I'm not sure what nickname they'll use since big brother is named Levi.

Micah Emmanuele - A very biblical choice, but both names are quite attractive and not overused at all. A very decent choice.

Thomas Colton - Two thumbs down from me. Thomas is very overused and has been for a very long time, and Colton just reminds me of the gun.

Jai Blue & Dev Eshaan - I much prefer Jai Blue over Dev Eshaan, but both are pretty unique choices. I do like seeing Blue in the middle spot, I think it works much better there. I like that they aren't matchy matchy twin names.

Sky Cole - Well well well, a big thumbs up to see someone else use Sky/Skye on a boy, so this immediately gets my approval. Cole however doesn't do anything to me, and it doesn't flow superbly with Sky.

Tennessee James - Surely one of the most talked about celeb baby names of 2012, many people expected something more traditional, but I loved it. Tennessee is a bold brave choice, and while at first I was just shocked, then I realized how great it was. James, being the most popular boy name of all time, is rightly in the middle spot. Had it been the other way around, I wouldn't have enjoyed this combo half as much.


Adalaide Marie Hope - I'm going to pretend it's Adelaide, otherwise it just bugs. Adelaide is one of the prettiest girl names around, and while I think the middle names are overdone, complement it well.

Vivian Lake - While I fight for unisex names to return to boys, some choices have been girl names for so long that it's just better to see them as girl names. It's the case with Vivian. I think this pairing is adorable, I love Lake in the middle spot (or anywhere really).

Ethel Mary - Ethel is one of those old lady names that I've always enjoyed, so I'd be thrilled to see it make a comeback, as unlikely as that is.

Keeva Jane - I think Keeva, while a respelling, is a nice name and not trendy (yet).

Halcyon June - I really enjoy this pairing, and the first name is certainly a brave choice. I wouldn't mind seeing this pop up on the SSA ranking.

Fiona Helper - Not sure about Helper as a name, I find it quite odd. Fiona is a decent name however.

Violet Marlowe - I do enjoy most V- names for girls, and this one is no exception. While starting to get a bit popular, it's still a great name that deserves the attention it's getting. Marlowe is a good middle name choice and both names flow perfectly together.

Theodora Rose - I find Theodora a bit clunky, but it's not unattractive. I think Thea is far prettier, but I understand some people would rather have a formal name on their birth certificates.

Miranda Scarlett - A very pretty combo for sure. Scarlett is red hot lately, but I think it's a wonderful name.

Breeze Beretta - Sorry but gun names on human beings is just absolutely nauseating, especially on girls. Not even Breeze could save this one.

Gloria Ray - Gloria could use a comeback I think, it's been m.i.a for a while now.

Olive Pearl - Both are trendy choices, and are certain to be top 100 in a few years. But for now, they remain fresh alternatives to Olivia and Jade.

India Rose - While I do like this name, it's just a shame they had a girl. Why? Because if they had a boy he'd be Indiana or Indy, two names I absolutely adore, and now with a girl India that's out of the question. Too bad really.

Maple Sylvie - I certainly don't hate this one as much everyone else, even though it screams Maple Syrup. Sylvie is a lovely choice and should be used more often.

Maxwell Drew - Not sure what Jessica Simpson was thinking, but this name just hurts my eyes. It screams boy. Yes they are family names, but male names nonetheless. If she had family members named Isabel and Anna, would she name her son Anna Isabel? I don't think so.

Faith Evangeline Elisa - I think this triple combo works really nicely. Faith while popular isn't a bad name, Evangeline is lovely and Elisa is short and simple.

Kline Olivia - Kline gets a thumbs down from me, it looks tacky and sounds tacky.

Blue Ivy - The name of 2012, people either love it or hate it. Personally, I don't think it's that outrageous. Blue has been used a name, mostly on boys, for a while now. Cher, anyone? Ivy is a lovely name, and goes well with Blue.

Beatrice Jean - I'm surprised Beatrice hasn't made a comeback yet, but surely it's time is now, right? I think it's adorable, and Jean is one of my favorite old lady names.

Wilhelmina Jane - Not a fan. Wilhelmina is just way too clunky and really shouldn't be one of the names jumping on the old lady name comeback bandwagon.

Elliotte Anne - Like the name Maxwell, I just don't understand why parents would deliberately give their daughters a masculine name. It just boggles the mind. A definite thumbs down.

Penelope Scotland - I think Kourtney chose a far better name for her daughter than her son Mason. Penelope is popular but not too popular, and Scotland is a great place name that complements Penelope well. We will be hearing about Penelope a lot more in the next few years, trust me.

Etta Jones - I do really like Ella, but it has gotten really popular this decade. Etta seems it could be the next Ella, but it will take a while since it's hardly even on the map at the moment.

Isabetta Rose - I'm a bit iffy on this one. I think Isabetta while a fresher alternative to the uber popular Isabella, doesn't quite have the same charm to is.

Rosalind Arusha Arkadia Altalune Florence - Not even sure where to start. Certainly the most outrageous baby name of the year imo. Rosalind is a nice alternative to Rose, and I wouldn't mind hearing it more often. Besides Florence, I can't see any of those middle names making an impact, since they're pretty out there, but they're certainly not bad names. Let's just say she's lucky she gets a nice nickname, Luna.

So as we can see, it's been a mixed bag for me, but very few have been spot. I do notice that classy old lady names are making a comeback, but unfortunately the boy names for girls trend seems to be just as evident. For boys, I'm glad overused names aren't being hammered as much, because boy names are a lot less volatile and I think most of these common names need to go away for a very long time to sound fresh again. Fortunately, there have been some nice options amidst the grey.

Best Boy Names of 2012 - Luca Cruz, London Riley, Tennessee James
Worst Boy Names of 2012 - Alexander John, Edward Duke, Hawkins Crawford

Best Girl Names of 2012 - Penelope Scotland, Violet Marlowe, Vivian Lake
Worst Girl Names of 2012 - Breeze Beretta, Maxwell Drew, Elliotte Anne

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