sábado, 17 de março de 2012

Name In Trend: Aria

 The name Aria as a girl name is of hebrew origin and means "lioness". It can actually be a boy's name too and I have seen male Aria's around usually of middle eastern background, but in the US it has been used almost exclusively on girls. This name also contains a musical association: we call an "aria" to a solo performance by the leading character in an opera. Interesting, right?

Aria is a pretty recent name to the girl's popularity chart, having debuted in 2000. However, a name isn't "new" just because it's only been recently popular, unless it's a nouveau invention. The name has been recently adopted for a TV character in the show Pretty Little Liars, which may be why it has been zooming up the chart the past couple of years.

Let's take a look at the graph with Aria's evolution: