quarta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2013

Teen Mom 3 Names

Well all know how much influence Teen Mom has had on baby name trends for the past couple of years. Names such as Bentley, Jace, Aubree or Maci have had a significant boost since the show debuted. The third series of Teen Mom premiered this week and I decided to check the names on the show, and wonder which names might be the next superstars.

First let's take a quick look at the mom's names:

Alexandria (Alex)

domingo, 25 de agosto de 2013

Name In Spolight: Raleigh

So I recently watched the movie Pacific Rim, which reminded me of how much I love the name Raleigh. That movie featured some pretty cool names, for example Raleigh's brother is named Yancy, which also caught my eye, so if you enjoy action flicks mixed with a dose of unique names, check the movie out.

Raleigh is of old english origin and it has two different meanings that I found: "roe deer's meadow" and "from the red field". There is definitely a nature connection in both, so if you like nature names this one is a great choice. It can also be a place name, because it's the capital of North Carolina, and it could definitely fit in with the place name trend going on lately with names like Princeton, Camden, Brooklyn, etc.