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Teen Mom 3 Names

Well all know how much influence Teen Mom has had on baby name trends for the past couple of years. Names such as Bentley, Jace, Aubree or Maci have had a significant boost since the show debuted. The third series of Teen Mom premiered this week and I decided to check the names on the show, and wonder which names might be the next superstars.

First let's take a quick look at the mom's names:

Alexandria (Alex)

Mom (and dad even more so) names on the show tend to go unnoticed, only Maci and perhaps Farrah had any sort of boost in the previous 2 series. From this batch of names, I'm not expecting any of them to skyrocket, because all of them seem to be fading in popularity, and sound a bit dated, except for Mackenzie which is still sort of trendy. However, I dont think Mackenzie will benefit too much, since it's starting to become a bit saturated.

Now for the most important names on the show, the baby names. There are 4 kids featured on Teen Mom 3, one boy and three girls. Here are there names:


I think this one could definitely get a boost, because it sounds quite trendy, similar in style to Kannon / Cannon (which have gotten some attention by celebs), but perhaps less agressive sounding. There were 174 boys named Gannon in 2012, up from 113 in 2011, so it's definitely on the rise, and will probably make its SSA chart debut next year. Mackenzie unfortunately had a miscarriage before this baby was born, and she was planning on naming him Oakley, which is one of my favorite boy names of all time. That one should definitely be used more often.


Jackpot. Arabella not only is a celeb baby name, but it has all the qualities of a trendy girl name, from the popular -ella ending, to the endless nicknames, to its classy feminine sound. Arabella was #245 in the SSA ranking, almost 100 spots up from the previous year. I think this one could have a huge surge.


This spelling is not popular, not even registering in the top1000, however Molly is definitely a popular name, ranking at #90. While Maci became more popular than Macy, I don't think Molli will ever outshine Molly, and I think this name will largely go unnoticed on the show. But I may be underestimating it...


My favorite name of the bunch, and one I seriously hope can make it big. Nova re-entered the SSA ranking in 2011, after falling out in 1938, and in 2012 it climbed more than 250 places, a remarkable increase. I think it sounds very soft and feminine, but also fresh, spunky and interesting at the same time - I love the astro connection to the supernovas in outer space. Nova also means "new", a perfect meaning for a name that has been rediscovered. My gut feeling is this will be one of the names from Teen Mom 3 to have the most impact.

So there you have it! Overall a decent set of names, and from the 8 names featured, I'm betting Gannon, Arabella and Nova will be the ones to watch. Do you agree with my predictions?

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