quarta-feira, 31 de julho de 2013

Name In Spotlight: Royal Baby Name

First of all congrats to Kate and William on the birth of their newborn son George.

I wondered if back when Prince William and Harry were born, if their names had any influence in the US baby names. I went to the SSA and tracked 3 consecutive years (the year before they were born, the year they were born, and the year after that).


1981 24,782
1982 25,591
1983 25,379


1983 1,948
1984 2,028
1985 2,059


1983 753
1984 727
1985 780

So I suppose William was the only one that had a significant boost the year Prince William was born, however nothing astonishing. I wonder if this time it'll be different. What do you think? Will the boost be bigger for George? I think it will have a bigger boost than William and Henry/Harry had because of how much more exposed we are to these kind of things these days. Probably back in the top100 soon, but I'm not expecting something too crazy because it's not really a name that everyone seems to like, even amongst the "classics" fandom...