domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010

XXnamesintrendXY - What this blog is about

Hello everyone! I'm Skye Rhyly, I'm male, 25 years old.

This blog is for me to publish my opinions on certain names, post interesting information behind each name, popularity rankings, etc...
I'll be posting mainly about trendy names that have been causing some waves in the past few years, and giving some insight behind each one of them. I'm a strong believer in unisex names for boys and boys only, since that's where they originally came from (99% of them). I also do like trendy names for boys, but not macho-like names that try to portray masculinity in a forced way that just sound far too cruel on a kid.
I wont dwell on girl names too much, but of course I'll talk about a few girl names on the rise, since this is what the blog is about. For girls I actually prefer the classic timeless girl names that seem to have fallen out of fashion - but not those which sound far too difficult to pronounce. I do think there is a lack of these in the girls popularity rank.

Hope you guys enjoy it!


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