segunda-feira, 9 de julho de 2012

Name In Spotlight: Scotland

So a new Kardashian baby is born, and of course everyone is talking about it. The name, of course, is the focus of this conversation. While Penelope is a perfectly normal and well used name, and is sure to have a boost in popularity next year, I decided to focus on the middle name, Scotland. Now usually middle names don't get a boost of popularity because they're often neglected whenever we discuss a baby's name, whether on TV or magazines. Therefore, people in general don't get enough exposure to it, hence it doesn't affect the name's popularity. However, I wouldn't underestimate the Kardashian effect. Could the name Scotland get a boost of popularity?

Now the name Scotland has never ranked before for girls or boys. Nonetheless, looking at the girls ranking, there are several places names, so it does tick that box, which is definitely on trend these days. Scotland is also very similar in style to Ireland, which has charted previously for girls, and Holland, which charted for boys. Could this be the start of the -land country names? I think that while it may never become popular, Scotland will for sure get a bump, maybe even debut in the ranking. Personally, I quite enjoyed the use of Scotland as middle name, and it works well with Penelope. It could be used as a first name, but only for brave namers, and preferably on a boy as it's a tad masculine sounding.

What do you guys think? Does Scotland have any chance of appearing in the top1000?

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