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Names of the Upcoming 2012/2013 TV Season

TV has always had a big influence in popular culture and the names people use on their kids. We can confidently state that TV was responsible for the rise of names such as Alexis and Charlie for girls, or Dylan and Bailey for boys. Because of this, I decided to check out what names are gonna be used in the upcoming new shows for the 2012-2013 season and do a ranking. I didn't use names from upcoming reality TV series, since those aren't readily available, and a lot of them feature different people each week.

I searched names from new shows on all the major channels: CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, CW, A&E, Showtime, Disney Channel, AMC, MTV, amongst others. So what are the most common names of the upcoming TV season?


(x6) Joe
(x5) Will
(x4) Tom
(x3) Danny, Jack, Christian, Tommy
(x2) Ben, Tyler, Robert, Ryan, Sam, Julian, Max, Tony, Brian, Henry, Vincent, Aaron, Walter
(x1) Mike, Reggie, Rob, Sherlock, Sully, Simon, Jay, Neil, Billy, Hannibal, Weston, Warren, Micah, Matthew, Peter, Kelly, Wallace, Christopher, Wander, Barry, Walt, Stevie, Eddie, Dennis, Morgan, Marc, Jeremy, Nate, Don, Bass, Miles, Hank, White, Donovan, Riv, Charlie, Louis, Wyatt, Louie, Ralph, Evan, JT, Dixon, Bryan, David, Gavin, Frank, Gregg, Marcus, Joseph, Cash, Geoffrey, Bobby, Sage, Mason, Darren, Dominic, Harry, Richard, Deacon, Coleman, Gunnar, Jimmy, Lamar, Teddy, Avery, Lennox, Marty, Wilt, Luther, Andrei, Steven, Gabriel, Irwin, Boris, Franklin, Oliver, John, Quentin, Jeff, Roger, Kyle, Constantine, Jason, Sebastian, Ian, Eli, Kenneth, Gary, Nick, Chris, Benjamin, Elijah, Alexander, Franco, Brett, Dale, Skip, Xander, Marshall, George, Cam, Jefferson, Keith, Doug, Kim, Edward, Buck, Harding, Jorge, Sung, Bennett, Andy, Michael, Julio, Buzz, Rusty, Fritz, Russell.


(x4) Emily
(x3) Grace, Rachel, Olivia, April
(x2) Natalie, Cassandra, Samantha, Annie, Maggie, Sarah, Chloe
(x1) Joan, Lena, Vanessa, Allison, Brandi, Julia, Karen, Josslyn, Deborah, Agnes, Martina, Cyndi, Darlene, Bonnie, Ellie, Ali, Katherine, Catherine, Tess, Jennifer, Heather, Louise, Alexis, Polly, Elaine, Jenn, Jenna, Kylie, Ingrid, Roxie, Laila, Beck, Tani, Christine, Reba, Dorothy, Juanita, Angela, Lillie, Kim, June, Terry, Liz, Savannah, Rayna, Juliette, Scarlett, Amber, Abby, Debbie, Marta, Jackie, Katrina, Dina, Vera, Felicity, Celia, Laurel, Thea, Moira, Carrie, Donna, Jill, Larissa, Dorrit, Claire, Denise, Lucinda, China, Skye, Becca, Marigold, Kelly, Gina, Tyra, BJ, Gabriela, Leslie, Lynn, Hallie, Maddie, Kate, Mindy, Gwen, Betsy, Shauna, Marny, Sheila, Alana, Joanna, Sophia, Mia, Rocky, Shania, Goldie, Winnie, Jane, Stella, Charlie, Beth, Carly, Avery, Deena, Sylvia, Calista, Sharon, Amy, Zora, Ellen, Alex, Tina, Sydney, Michelle.

Analyzing both ranks, we can tell that the names for both males and females are pretty safe, and that the boys rank has, like the SSA list in a way, less variety with the names at the top being more heavily used. Joe, a bland name with little personality, is the most common choice for males, closely followed by overused nicknames Will and Tom. For girls, SSA ranking queen Emily takes the top spot, followed by standard names Grace, Rachel, Olivia and surprisingly April.
There are some odd choices in each ranking, for males Rusty, Buzz, Skip, Bass and Riv would be the weirdest ones. For females, Winnie, Rayna, Dorrit, Tani and Zora seem to be the most unique choices, along with the unfortunate BJ.
Overall, I think most these are quite boring and predictable. When is TV gonna start being less obvious?

My personal favorites from the male section are: Sully, Micah, Kelly, Riv, Sage, Lennox, Avery, Andrei and Elijah. From the female section, the standouts are: Tess, Laila, Scarlett, Vera, Thea, Larissa, Alana, Sylvia and Calista.

What are you favourites? Do you think any of these names could have an impact in the SSA charts?

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