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England & Wales Ranking (2011)

So the combined ranking for England and Wales is out, and there are new number ones for boys and girls. Harry takes over from Oliver, and Amelia is the new ranking leader for girls.

However, the popularity lists for England and Wales separately show how different naming tastes can be for each region.


1. Oliver / Lily
2. Jack / Amelia
3. Jacob / Ava
4. Riley / Ruby
5. Ethan / Olivia
6. Alfie / Seren
7. Harry / Emily
8. Dylan / Ella
9. Thomas / Mia
10. Charlie / Megan


1. Harry / Amelia
2. Oliver / Olivia
3. Jack / Lily
4. Charlie / Jessica
5. Alfie / Emily
6. Thomas / Sophie
7. James / Grace
8. Jacob / Ruby
9. Joshua / Ava
10. William / Isabella

Certain names chart for one region, but not the other, or at least not in the top100.

Overall you can definitely indentify the list as clearly british, with several nicknames being prefered over the formal fuller names. Another big difference in this ranking compared to the american one, is that unisex names have remained masculine for the most part in the UK. Names such as Morgan, McKenzie, Bailey, Ellis, Finley, Reece, Taylor, Riley, Jamie or Rowan are all charting for boys in England and/or Wales, and are nowhere to be found on the girls list. There are some exceptions though, with Darcy, Alexis and Madison charting for girls, but it seems overall the brits are more protective of their boys names, keeping them from crossing over to the pink side.

You can find the lists here

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