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Name In Trend: Declan

Declan is an irish names that means "full of goodness". It is the name of a saint, and it's the birth name of singer Elvis Costello.

America has always been a country that loves to import exotic names from other countries, especially Irish names. Could the rising star Declan be the latest irish import to make a big impression for the next couple of decades? Perhaps. Let's see how it's been performing so far in the SSA ranking:

Declan first popped up on the list in 1998, at #712, so relatively high for a debut. Since then, the name has made gradual increases, reaching #143 in 2012. The gains have been rather impressive in the past couple of years, so it should be in the top100 relatively soon, probably in a year or two.

Declan is a masculine name with a soft sound, a balance that is not easy to find, and that parents love for their boys. Think about other popular irish male names like Kevin, Ryan, Brandon or Aidan, for example. So it's no surprise that Declan could follow in their footsteps and become the next big thing.

Alterative spellings include: Deklan, Declen, Declin, Declyn, Deklen, Deklin, Deklyn.

Similar sounding names: Devin, Devlin, Deegan, Dylan, Daelan, Kellan, Beckham, Darren.

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