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Name In Trend: Paisley

The unisex name Paisley is of scottish origin and it means "church". Paisley is actually a place name, of a scottish town near Glasgow. The paisley pattern, which involves a persian inspired design, originated in that town, famous for its weaving industry in the 19th century. Now of course everyone will immediately think of the fabric, rather than the town, but I guess it's not a terrible association. The name in recent years has been embraced by parents of little girls, maybe because the design is quite girly, and it has even been used by celebs like Jennie Finch.

Check out the popularity of Paisley through the years:

So the name first popped on the ranking back in 2006 at #835. It has been climbing sharply ever since, reaching its current peak at #104 in 2012. I think it's almost guaranteed to be top 100 when the new list comes out in May. Paisley has been featured prominently in shows like Toddlers & Tiaras, which is known for boosting trendy names even further, and at a rapid pace. How high can it go before it eventually becomes dated? Trendy names normally have a short life span, so I think it might climb for a few more years, five at most, and then begin to drop.

What do you think of the name Paisley? I don't think it's too bad, but I don't think it'll age that well. That's the case with most "cute" names for girls. But it definitely fits in with todays modern names and styles, and so it doesn't surprise at all that it's getting crazy popular. However, I don't expect it to be the new Hailey, I think that one will stick around a lot longer, since it has a broader appeal.

Similar names include: Hailey, Leslie, Chesley, Kinsley, Kaylee
Alternative spellings include: Paizley, Payslie, Paislee, Payslee

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