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So You Think You Can Dance in Canada - Boys' names

The 3rd installment of So You Think You Can Dance - Canada started a few weeks ago, and one thing that captivated were some of the guy's names on there. The girls names weren't particularly interesting for the most part, so I chose to talk about the boys instead.

So these are the names of the male contestants:


Now I know Jonathan, Jesse, Jeff, Sebastian and Edgar aren't particularly interesting names for boys, I'm thinking most of you have heard of them, and they're even spelled correctly.

Now the first interesting name I heard was Jera. There are plenty of boy names ending in "a" that most people don't know about, which is why it's still a vowel associated primarily with girls. However, this is not the case with Jera. In fact, the name is of american origin meaning "holy", and it's supposedly a female name. Now that's a first, huh? Rarely do female names crossover to males, and this is one that now has a male face on it. Can it make a complete transition to the boys side? Will it's popularity and usage in Canada increase? It's certainly more interesting than Jerry, Jeremy, Jared or Jeremiah.

The next one is Denys. This is a spelling variation of the name Denis, which is of old greek origin. Whilst the original might have some usage, this spelling variation is incredibly rare. However, I think I prefer it to the original, reminds me of Daryl, which I also like. With the "y" spelling becoming increasingly popular these days, I could see it become more popular than the original name, but the problem is that isn't a trendy name to give anymore, so the alternative spelling won't be either.

Shavar is definitely a name I have never heard before, but after some digging I found out it is of hebrew origin, and it means "comet". If you're a fan of nature or cosmic names, you better grab it before everyone else hears of it. Especially if you're not a fan of too literal names like Star or Sun. I don't think it'll become popular in Canada, let alone the US, since parents of boys still like to choose the same old boring names every year, but one can hope a change will happen soon that'll break this annoying cycle of boredom.

Next up is Mackenzie. Now we've all heard about this one, but I decided that it deserved a special mention since this is actually a boy with the name. Now, the name Mackenzie is actually a boy name in origin, and even in usage amongst other english speaking countries like Canada and the UK. However, as per usual, the US adopted this name for boys, but then decided it "looked cute" on girls, which I couldn't disagree more. The name has dropped out of the boys top1000 several years ago, but was considerable popular at one point. Could it make a return to the blue side? I don't think it'll happen anytime soon since it's overwhelmingly popular for girls, but maybe one day, the tides will turn. The scottish have also adopted the cute nickname Kenzie for their boys, ranking high up their chart, but even that has little hope of crossing over to the blue side in the US since it's rising up for girls. When will parents ever learn?

Moving on, we have Yonni. This name sounds almost exactly like Ronnie and Donnie, two well known names for boys. Or even Bonnie and Connie, which at one point were also boy names. Could Yonni be the next name with this sound to rise in popularity? Who knows. But the name Yonni deserves to be separated from those for one simple reason: it is not a nickname, it's actually a hebrew name, but spelled originally as Yoni. Obviously history is a big part of it's name, but to the masses, people will automatically link it to similar names rather than origin. It actually means "gift of god", so here's a name for all your religious people out there that isn't common.

And finally, we end with Hani. There are plenty of boy names ending with the "ee" sound, but not many are spelled with the letter "i" in the end, with "y" and "e" usually dominating. However, there are legitimate boy names with this ending without them being nicknames. This is one of them. It is of arabic origin and means "full of joy". Now isn't this a really great name? Not only does Hani sound great, the meaning is really endearing too. There have been stranger names to make it to the top1000 boy names, but it's unlikely this will ever become popular until people stop obsessing with Michael or Jacob, or inventing new "tuff" names like Gunner and Choker. But who knows, maybe a huge celebrity name Hani will come along at some point.

I hope you guys enjoyed this segment. It was the first time in ages that I've seen a show with several interesting boy names, and these are actually real people. Now if real people can be creative with their boy names, why do TV shows keep plugging those annoying and overused names that no one cares about anymore? Here's a message to those script writers: if you can get creative with your storylines, surely you can pick up more interesting names for your characters than John or Daniel, right?

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