domingo, 12 de setembro de 2010

Month Names

Month names have been around since the dawn of time. Some are more popular than others, some are rising in popularity, whilst others are falling. But what I don't understand is the reason why August is the only month name considered to be masculine?

Names like May and June have charted for boys in the past century, they just got smuthered by the popularity of those names on girls. Personally, I think month names are gender neutral, there's nothing wrong with a boy named February, it doesn't scream girl to me. In fact, some month names actually seem to lean on the manly side to me.

Would someone really consider March or October for there daughters? There's nothing feminine about them, and a few others. Even July screams masculine to me, pronounced the same way as the month, and not as "julee".

To make things simpler, I say let's make all month names unisex. Yes, some months tend to lean towards the feminine side, like April, but I think months, days of the week, colors, and things like that, should remain gender neutral. But obviously there's this mind set ingrained in most people's minds that only girls are allowed to have different names that can be abstract, neutral, airy, and guys have to have those butchy masculine names or oldschool names that have been popular since the Middle Ages, therefore being addressed by their surnames or nicknames rather than the first name, which they share with millions of others.

Make bolder choices with your boy names people! Personally, I would pick July for a boy, cute name, that rhymes with several other boy names that are a lot more popular.

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