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Name In Trend: Royal

 I get it. The royal family is everywhere these days. Prince William and Dutchess Catherine are the new and hip "it" couple in the royal world that everyone loves to talk about - they're the young Diana and Charles, except this time the prince is actually likeable.
Their two birth announcements have caused major repercussion around the world, especially concerning the names of their offspring. However, there is a royal name that was sitting in the background all this time and we weren't even paying attention to it. It's Royal. Yes, the name Royal, a word name, that is rising up fast in popularity. Check out the graph below:

 Surprisingly, the name Royal has been used since at least 1880. It peaked at #279 in 1889, and hovered between the 200s and 400s for decades, before gradually falling down and exiting the rank in 1971. Flashforward to 2013 and its back in at #900, and in 2014 it shot up to #573, one of the biggest climbers of the year. Now I could attribute this boost solely to the royal family being center stage, but I can also include this name into the whole "title name" trend that's been invading the SSA list recently. 

Personally, I don't mind this name, I do think there are more pretentious title names out there that are even more popular. Celebrities seem to be embracing it, and the title name trend in general, so I do think it'll continue to shine for a few more years at least. What do you think about this one?

Similar names include: Prince, King, Knight, Deacon, Bishop, Reign, Page

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