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Celebrity Baby Names of 2013 - Review

Another new year rolls in, and as usual, I start off with my review of the celeb baby names from the previous year. 2013 did brought an interesting mix of names, some trendy choices, some unexpected ones too, as well as the obligatory boy names on girls. Overall, I did like them more than the 2012 choices.


Ellis James - Like I always say, if you have two names you wanna use, one of them is part of the unexpected underrated category, and one is part of the overused classics category, and you're unsure in which order to put each name, I'll tell you: keep the most interesting name first, the more common one second. It's such a waste when great underused names are wasted in the middle. I do love Ellis.

Milan - Often thought of as a place name, which it can be, but it is also a hebrew name, with a different pronunciation than that italian city: MEE-lan. I didn't know what to expect from Shakira, but I do approve of this choice.

Greyson James - Greyson seems to be the new rising star over the past years, and one I like quite a bit (preferably spelled Grayson). James is the typical filler middle (and first) name, so don't really care for it.

Knox Addison - Ever since the Jolie's used Knox, the name has spread like wildfire, but yet is not at a point where your hear it everywhere everytime. It's that familiar face you don't see too often, one that you enjoy encountering. Addison is a male name that has made a switch to the female side, so I'm always surprised yet thankful when they make the reswitch, even if it's as a middle name. I love the flow of the name too.

Rekker Radley - Quite a tough name, don't you think? While it's not spelled "wrecker", it does sound the same, and as I dont like violent names, it gets a thumbs down from me. However, I do really like Radley, so it evens itself out.

 Jax Copeland - I just adore the name Jax. It's weird that I can't stand Jack, maybe for all those not-so-appropriate things the name is associated with, but I do like Jax. And I like that they went with just Jax, and not the overused Jackson/Jaxon. Copeland is a fine and interesting middle name too.

Phaedra - Wow did this name get a lot of hate. And I'm totally feeling you guys, because if I wasn't against it, then I would consider myself a hypocrite. But what you feel about a boy named Phaedra is what I feel about most boy names that are used on girls, which end up becoming so common for the pink gender that they end up as female names permanently. The difference is, that boy names on girls is a very common practice since at least the early 20th century, and we've become numb to it, unlike girl names on boys. Or maybe we just accept tomboys better than feminine boys...

Jett Riviera - Jett is one of those names that I've grown to like. It's spunky and different. Riviera is such a unique middle name, that evokes the image of serenity due to the nature tie-in, and class (French Riviera anyone?).  Great choices.

Daxel Vaughn - Let me get this out of the way already: I do not like the name Vaughn. Yes, there's nothing wrong with it, but sometimes you can't help what you feel towards a name. Daxel I'm not sure if its made up or not, but I prefer just Axel.

Xano William Varela - Xano is an obscure nickname for Alexander, and I'm glad they chose that rather than Alex or Xander. William, if some years ago was one of the few overused classics I could tolerate, is now on my last nerve because I keep hearing it more and more.

Valentin Francesco - A very latino name. I actually think I like Valetin better than Valentine, but both are 2 of my favorite V names for boys - they certainly beat Victor or Vincent by a mile. Francesco, well, it's a nice middle name. I do wonder if we'll see a surge of Francis related names on the new SSA list due to the new pope.

Quinnlann Clancy - Way to many n's for me, Quinlan would be much better, or just Quinn. Clancy is a cute, sort of dorky name. See, now those are the type of old male names that should be used more often, not Matthew...

Maxwell Haze - After a spike in girls named Maxwell last year, I'm glad things are back to normal this year. Maxwell is a fine male name, and I do prefer, in this case, the full name over the nickname Max. Maybe because it's used on pets so much? I have heard of a Maxwell that goes by Welly, which I find much cuter. Haze is a rather intriguing middle name that you don't hear that often, if ever.

Klay Anthony - I don't really care for Klay, whichever way you spell it. But at least it doesn't bore me, so it's not all bad. Anthony is fine in the middle spot.

Axl Jack - One of the most talked about baby names, and I do also hear Apple Jack in it, which is why I really dont like it. It's weird. I do like Axl, but spelled Axel, however I can't stand Jack. Meh.

Camden Quinn - The most overused celebrity male name of 2012, makes a comeback in 2013. Still, I'm not yet fed up of Camden, and it's one of my favorite C-names for boys, and there aren't many of those for me. I still love Quinn for a boy, so this is a thumbs up from me.

Theodore Ignatius - I never liked Theodore, I always prefered just plain Theo. However, the full name has been growing on me recently, so I don't mind it anymore. However, I still dislike male names ending in -us, they just sound so ancient Rome, that I just can't get over it. Ignatius is no exception.

Ace Knute - Everyone was wondering what Jessica Simpson would name a son after giving her daughter a very masculine first name. She came up with Ace. Ace? It could be worse, but it could also be better. I just don't care for it, or the middle name, and the combo doesn't flow too well.

Thatcher Bray - While I do love a lot of -er names, Thatcher is not one of them. Maybe the political reference is too strong, I dunno. Bray feels like there is something missing.

Shooter Sandhed Julian Jr - Violent names get an immediate thumbs down from me, so this one is a no no. Plus, he's a junior, which is my number one baby name pet peeve, I just don't think sons should be named after fathers, especially those still alive. If you want to pay tribute, use it as a middle name. Give your son his own identity.

Dekker Edward - What's with the -ekker boy names lately? Well, at least this one is a bit better than Rekker. It looks very futuristic, but Edward tames it a bit.

Lincoln Marshall - I've always really liked the name Lincoln, even now, when it's becoming more popular than ever. Marshall is an ok name, just that.

Vernon Lindsay - This is the second time a celebrity has used the name Lindsay on a boy in the past 1 or 2 years. We just need that extra bit of courage to slap it on as a first name now. And that is all I like about this combo...

Kane Ren - I prefer Wren over Ren, but still, it's a nice middle name. Kane is a good first name, nothing too crazy, but at least it's still somewhat underused.

Bear Winslet - And here comes another Bear... I still don't like it, no matter how much time passes. Winslet is by far my favorite of the too, but I think I like it better on a girl.

Valor - It's so rare to meet a boy with a virtue name, so when they do come about, it's so surprising and refreshing. Thumbs up!

Logan Vincent - Nothing to shout out about here. Logan is a fine popular name, Vincent is an ok middle name. Doesn't make my head turn.

Hartley Eric - I do know of a boy named Hartley, so I do have an association with this name that already makes me like it. I think its more preppy and buttoned up than Harley, which seems more sporty, maybe because of wakeboarder Harley Clifford or celeb trainer Harley Pasternak. Eric is bland, but it's in the middle, so it's ok.

 Sebastian Oscar - Sebastian is rising super fast in the popularity charts, yet all I can think of is that crab from The Little Mermaid. I don't care for it. I also think it's rising fast because of the latino population, which are using it in droves. Oscar is decent as a middle name.

Ryker Mobley - First came Ryder, now we have Ryker. I do get the appeal, I think it looks and sounds cool, if a bit butch and aggressive. Mobley, is a nice middle name, but not something I would use.

Louis Augustus - So you've heard how I don't like -us names. Here is another one in the middle spot, and we have a first name that almost sounds like an -us name too. The flow of this name is terrible, and the is-us-us sound is everywhere. Don't like at all.

Quincy Xavier - This one I enjoy, a lot. Quinn and Quincy are my favorite Q- names for boys, and Xavier, while a bit overused, is still a name I like, maybe because names starting with the letter X are so cool and rare.

Joseph Frederick - I really dislike all names that are part of the category I like to call "overused classics", and Joseph is no exception. Next. Frederick is more interesting and nowhere near as popular, yet it's wasted in the middle spot. Still, it's not my style. Next.

Kaius Jagger - One of the last names of 2013, Kaius will be Skyler's little brother. While I did love Skyler (hello, my name is Skye), I'm a bit disappointed with Kaius. Kai, the nickname they've chosen, is so much better, again, the -us ending just doesn't speak to me. While this is unrelated to the name itself, Skyler is called Sky by his mom Rachel Zoe. Doesn't she think Sky and Kai are too close? Hmmm. Jagger is a cool middle name though, and has some swag appeal.


Paisley Faye - One of the trendiest names for girls in recent years, Paisley is everywhere nowadays. It's not one of those trendy names that I love, it's just ok. Faye however, I do think makes for a great middle name (and why not a first name again?)

Lula Rosylea - I don't like Lula. Why, you ask? Because in portuguese it means "squid". So yeah, not a fan.

Holiday Grace - Where to begin with Holiday... Am I the only one who has thought about all the jokes that could be made to this girl once high school comes around? It's just an easy name to make fun of.

Lily Georgina - I'm really over Lily at this point, it's probably my least favorite of the Lily related names. Lillian or Lilith sound much better to me. Georgina I dont like either, I think it's rather ugly. Again, I much prefer Georgia.

Sterling Diane - I dont like Sterling for a boy, let alone a girl. I just don't see the appeal of this name. Don't like Diane either, very dated.Thumbs down.

Elizabeth Mae - Classy, perhaps. But also plain and overused, both the first name and the middle name. Its like the equivalent to the male combo Alexander James, Daniel James, Michael James, etc.

Violet Grace Devereux - Violet is getting more and more popular, but it still retains it's beauty. It's not at a point where I'm just over it, like Lily. Devereux makes for an interesting middle name, balancing out the predictable Grace.

Rainbow Aurora - Back when I reviewed Rainbow as one of my Name In Spotlight, I liked it for its outlandish factor, and its nature link, which might be because my own name is also nature related. However, I also evidenced why Rainbow never made it big: the cuteness factor. People associate rainbows with kids, and I think even parents that go for the cute factor, want a cute name that could age well, and Rainbow probably won't. Still, I commend Holly Madison for her bravery, and I still love Aurora - at least she can go by that when she's older if she feels like it.

Penna Mae - There is Mae again... Its funny because I actually like it as a first name, but as a middle name it's just so overused. I dont even need to look at a ranking, I just know its common. Penna doesn't really do it for me either, Penny maybe, or better yet, Penelope. But Penna just falls flat.

Cricket Pearl - Cricket is such a polarizing name, you either love it or hate it. I dont like it, it's just weird, and not in a good way. Pearl is still a fab choice, classy but not overused, yet.

Charlotte Bryant - An interesting mix of overly feminine first name and and overly masculine middle. It does work for me, in an odd way.

Goldie Ryan - There's nothing here that I like. Goldie sounds like a pet name to me, and Ryan I just don't care for on girls.

Margaret Laura - Apparently Margaret will go by Mila, which is an interesting nickname choice. I much prefer Mila to Margaret, so I'm glad they went there. Laura is a good middle name.

Scout Margery - Some people dislike Scout because it's a made up name. Well I say all names were made up at one point in time, so that argument doesn't work for me. What I don't like about this name is its sound. Scout. It doesn't sound appealing to me. I do like Margery though.

Penelope Joan - Is Penelope the new "it" name in Hollywood? I do love it, so it deserves it's moment to shine. Joan works fine in the middle spot, no issues to report.

Saffron Rose Kiran - The No Doubt babies keep coming, and they all have such unique first names, I just can't wait for more of them to arrive. I just love Saffron, maybe because I also love Sapphire which is similar in sound. Kiran is an unexpected middle name, though I do wonder if its related to the male Kieran?

Vaunne Sydney - I'm not sure how Vaunne is meant to be pronounced, but I read it like Vaughn. And if you've read my reviews of the male names, you know I dislike Vaughn. So not only is it a name I dislike, it's being used on the wrong gender with a girlified spelling which I hate. Sydney has no appeal left for me, at least on girls. Thumbs down.

Margot - No middle name to report here, but I included this one because I really like Margot. I feel like it gets a lot of love online, but few people are brave enough to use it. There is a new sassy character on the TV show Revenge that answers to this name, let's hope it helps the number of Margot's being born.

Autumn James - I think Autumn is a beautiful name, and even though it's not my favorite season of the year, I think the name is really elegant and classy. James however, ruins the combo for me.

Lucy Thomas - What is it with the classic male names being used as middle names for girls lately? It just looks strange to me. I guess no name is untouchable.

North - As much as I adore Easton and Weston for boys, with the nicknames East and West, North just doesn't feel like a usable name to me. And I think the numbers will reflect it, as I dont expect this name to become popular anytime soon, if ever. Add to the fact that her last name is West, and it just feels like a joke to me.

Jett Ling - I would've given this name a pass if it was spelled Jette, which at least has some feminine atributes, however Jett is just such a cowboy-ish name, what on earth is it doing on a little girl?

Maud Elizabeth Daphne Marina - Wow. That is a lot of middle names. First, let's start with Maud. I've always lumped this name in the "unlikely to make a comeback", but maybe I'm wrong? If it does, color me surprised. Daphne and Marina are two names that I like, and they balance out the two first names that I don't care about. Why couldn't they have been the first names instead? Love the name Marina.

Kaia Rose - I know both girls and boys with the name Kaia. I do like it, and prefer it on girls (as I prefer Kai on boys). Rose is a pleasant, if predictable middle name.

Winnie Rose - I feel Winnie is such a cute name. I guess it should be a nickname for something, but all the suggestions I've heard are not my cup of tea, so why not just Winnie?

Elsie Marigold - Elise is nice, but not as cute as Winnie. I prefer Elsa. Speaking of, I wonder if Disney's "Frozen" will give a Elsa the boost she deserves? Marigold is a great middle name, grand yet feminine at the same time.

Justice Jay - I love Jensen Ackles, but what the hell was he (or his wife) thinking? This combo sounds great, but for a boy...

Everest Hobson - And moving on to an even more masculine combo. Again, Everest to me sounds masculine, maybe because of the name Everett, and Hobson is definitely masculine with it's -son ending. Do not approve.

Carmen Gabriela - For all my life, I've always hated the name Carmen. It just sounded a bit too butch. But over the last few years I've grown to at least tolerate it. The combo is nice, and flows well.

Nora Kara - Speaking of combos that don't flow well, here's one. I like Nora and Kara on their own, but they dont go together at all. Both are just too similar to be paired up together.

Tallulah Anais - Such an outlandish name, I don't know what I think of Tallulah. Some days I really like it, others I don't. Today, I'm more on the positive side, so I give it my thumbs up. Anais is a lovely name, when pronounced correctly, which can be a problem.

Lincoln Bell - No. Just no. Lincoln should not be used on girls, there are no feminine qualities about this name. I also dislike the middle name spelt this way, a bell, really? Belle is much prettier.

Luna Encinas - Most names this year seem to have at least one flaw for me, there's not one that made me go "wow". In this case, Encinas ruins it for me, it's rather ugly. Luna is still fabulous though.

Actually, looking back at the list, I don't know if this was an improvement over 2012. It's a very mixed back, lots of names I dont like or care for, some names I love but are paired with others that I don't, so it's been hard to choose to my favorites and least favorites of the year. I could've extended the "worst" category for quite a bit if I wanted to, especially for girls, but in the end I had to cut a few bad names off the list, but keeping some sort of variety in them, whether it was just plain awful, boring, outrageous, terrible flow, etc.

Best Boy Names of 2013: Quincy Xavier, Knox Addison, Jett Riviera, Camden Quinn

Worst Boy Names of 2013: Louis Augustus, Shooter Sandhed Julian Jr, Bear Winslet, Joseph Frederick, Phaedra

Best Girl Names of 2013: Margot, Saffron Rose Kiran, Penelope Joan, Kaia Rose

Worst Girl Names of 2013: Goldie Ryan, Lincoln Bell, Sterling Diane, Vaunne Sydney, North

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