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"Witches Of East End" Names

So there is a new supernatural show airing on Lifetime called Witches Of East End. Its based on a book series of the same name, and it a good show for fans of cheesy tv fodder like Charmed.
Like any name nerd, the first thing I notice whenever I watch something new are the names each character has, and Witches Of East End certainly has a few good ones.

The main characters:

Joanna - Joanna is the mother of the two younger women of the show, and also a big sister. Personally I feel Joanna is a bit dated and not ready for a comeback, but give it a few more years and and it might be the right time. It's definitely not one of those names that I feel is gone forever, it has potential to return.

Wendy - Wendy is Joanna's spunky and funny younger sister. She has a great relationship with her nieces and is kind of the heart and glue of the show, for me at least. Wendy is a cute name, and while I feel it is a tad dated, I can also picture it on a little girl, therefore I do think its usable for those of you who want to choose this name for a daughter.

Freya - She is the emotional and romance-driven daughter of Joanna. She struggles to choose between the 2 main guys of the show, and her storyline revolves around that. Her name was appropriately given, since in norse mythology she was the goddess of love and fertility. I'm starting to hear this name more and more these days, its a popular choice in the UK, and its only a matter of time before it becomes common in the US too.

Ingrid - She is Freya's sister, and is the more rational and nerdy of the two. I feel this name has been eternally popular in the UK, but always ignored in the US. Could things change in the future? There are not many common girl names that end in -d, so maybe that is a problem, but perhaps it's also a reason why this name can be charming too? It deserves more attention.

Dash - He is Freya's fiancé, and seems to be the guy that is well put together and has everything in control. I think this name fits right in with other trendy choices like Cash, and works well on its own. However, I prefer it as a nickname for Dashiell, it just gives it a little extra something.

Killian - He is Dash's brother, and is apparently Freya's soulmate from a previous lifetime. Killian is related to the awesome irish name Kelly and means "bright headed". Some people are put off by the "kill" initial, but I think it's easy to get past that and it doesn't stop this name from being ultra cool. Several boy names ending in -ian are in the top100, could Killian eventually join them?

The secondary characters:

Penelope - She is Killian and Dash's mother, and is so far the villain of the show. Penelope is a name that is on the rise, and is also a celeb baby name thanks to a certain Kardashian. For those of you who want to avoid popular names, Penelope might be one to scrap off your list, but if you don't care about popularity then you have a green light, it's certainly beautiful.

Athena - Athena is actually Penelope's real name in the series, and it is referenced sometimes on the show. Both names are greek in origin, and both were names featured on Homer's Odyssey, so maybe there is a deeper connection between the character and the mythology that we don't know yet? Athena is a name that has been climbing the SSA ranking recently, and it's easy to see why. Definitely a name to watch.

Harrison - Personally I'm not a fan of this name, because I feel like it will always be shortened to Harry, which I detest, at least with the american pronunciation. But I featured this name because clearly many people do like it, it is currently in the top200, and has been steadily climbing the popularity chart for the past 4 years.

Hudson - A newly arrived name to the top100, the future is looking bright for Hudson. Recently featured as one of my Name In Trend back in October, it's a place name, a nature name, and a "son" name. Those are three ingredients that make it one of the most modern and safe choices for today's parents. Like Penelope, if you want to avoid names that are becoming popular, you might want to find an alternative, if not, then you have picked a great name regardless.

The actors:

Mädchen: This is the first name of the actress that plays the character Wendy. Mädchen is a germanic name that means "young woman" or "girl" - it can also be spelled Madchen. Pronunciation should be "med-chun" rather than "mad", so it might be mispronounced in America, but either way, it's quite an intriguing name that you don't hear too often. Who knows, maybe parents who like Madison and Madeline could enjoy Mädchen too?

Enver Lief: Wow. A first name Enver with the middle name Leif. Now that is a crazy good name. Too bad this actor plays a character named Mike - how unfortunate, he deserved better. So yes, I decided to skip the overused and dated character name and focus on the actor's name instead. Enver is turkish in origin and means "handsome", and it fits right in with the -er endings trend for boys. It also could ride on the rising popularity of Ember, and now Ender thanks to the movie. Lief is scandinavian in origin and means "love", and is one of my favorite underused boy names, it deserves more "love", no pun intended. The curious thing is the actor isn't turkish or scandinavian, he's albanian. But this just proves you can borrow names from other cultures, after all, we live in a modern multicultural world, and Enver Lief would sound great for an american boy too.

So which names that I've chosen from the series do you like best?

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