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Name In Spotlight: Bodhi

Bodhi is a sanskrit name that means "to awaken or become enlightened". It is also a nature name, thanks to the Bodhi tree, which has a spiritual connection to Buddhism - it is believed that the Buddha sat under this tree to reach enlightenment, where you obtain full comprehension of life, especially your own.

It has a very mystical feeling, one of those religious names that sounds very intriguing, but modern and appealing at the same time. This week, Bodhi has been on the spotlight alot - two celeb baby boys were given this name, and both children had some unusual middle names too: Rain and Ransom.

Bodhi is quite likely my favorite boy name ending in the letter "i", along with Kai. I love my nature names, because they are connected eternally to the earth and to the universe in general, and many of them evoke an image of tranquility and peace, such as River, Bay, Leaf, Sky - but Bodhi takes the cake as the ultimate peaceful nature name for everything that is stands for. You can picture a boy named Bodhi being very centered, focused, mannered, honest, down to earth, and empathetic. At least I can.

Bodhi has always been off the radar to most parents, it had its first taste of success back in 2010 when it entered the SSA top 1000 chart for the first time, but it's stalled somewhat since then, resting at #894 in 2012. Could this surge of celebrity baby boys being named Bodhi finally boost it up the charts faster? Even though I like my favorite names relatively underused, Bodhi has a lot of potential and deserves more lovin', so I'm hoping it does get more attention by the rest of us. I mean, what's there not to like about it? There is an alternative spelling, Bode, which I'm not a fan of at all because of the pronunciation issues it might have (people might rhyme it with "code"), it loses its nature name status, its peaceful image, its historical connection, and its just a letter away from "body". Bodhi to me just looks more complete, more of a real name.

What are your thoughts on Bodhi? Yay or nay? Can you picture this name in the top200 in a decade? Or is it destined to be an underdog? Tell me.

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  1. My son's name is Bodhi Carroll. He's very grounded, peaceful, happy, empathetic, and loves nature. We go backpacking for extended periods, and he is only 6 years old. Uniquely, he also has an extra X chromosome, a birth defect called Klinefelter's Syndrome. He is the ultimate Bodhi! :-) both yin and yang in one little boy.

    1. How lovely! I really like the flow of Bodhi Carroll, and it's nice to see someone testify that a kid named Bodhi is actually peaceful and loves nature. Congratulations and best of luck!