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Name In Trend: Hendrix

Hendrix is an ancient germanic name that stems from the same root as Henry, meaning "estate ruler" or "home ruler". Hendrix as a surname is tightly linked to german and dutch origins as a variant of Hendrik.
The name Hendrix was popularized initially by guitarist Jimi Hendrix, and has since then gained a lot of traction. Let's look at its SSA chart performance:

Hendrix only debuted in the top 1000 in 2011 at #976. Before that, its numbers were very lackluster, having only been consistently ranked since 1999. Since 2011, the name has shot up to #546 in 2014, and I expect that position to rise again once the 2015 list is out.

Kevin Hart was one of the first celebrities to name his son Hendrix, back in 2008, and I suspect he was the main reason for this moniker to start getting noticed more as a first name option. Its association to Jimi Hendrix has always been positive, as rock & roll names like Lennon and Presley seem to be well liked by the general public. Hendrix also has that cool -x ending which is so trendy and fashionable these days, so its not surprising to see it take off.

Can you see this name continuing to rise, or do you expect its bubble to burst soon? Share your thoughts with me.

Similar names to Hendrix include: Hendrik, Henrik, Kendrick, Kendrix, Henri.

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