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Update On Previous Names In Trend (5)

How quick did last year go? It's already time for me to do my yearly update on the monikers that featured in my Name In Trend segment, and see how they performed on the ranking since we last talked about them. If they fall in the rankings for 2 consecutive years, or if I feel they have been stalling for several years, I drop them from this update.


This is the first year it dropped, from #121 to #122, so it was basically a stall. I find it hard to believe people are over this name since I hear it everywhere. Probably just a bump in the ride.


Climbed 7 spots to #80, so definitely still trending. It has all the right ingredients to go very far, but like always boy names just take much longer to get there. For example, can you believe Lucas only now cracked the top20?


After being booted out of the top 100 in 2013, last year it made a comeback, going from #103 to #95, it's highest position yet. I knew people weren't over this name already, I think it'll continue making small climbs every year.


Now this is the kind of jump I like to see! From #299 to #194, this name really flew! Part of it might have to with Love & Hip Hop on VH1, where one of the couples has a toddler son named Karter.


Climbs 5 more spots to #83, a new high. With Easton Corbin currently having a big year in the country music scene, I dont see this one slowing down.


After coming very close to #1 in 2013, last year it stalled at #2 and saw Noah increasing the difference between them in terms of baby numbers. I'm actually really surprised this isn't #1 yet, but there's always next year.


Like the name Declan, this one fell a single spot to #120. I don't know why but boy names really struggle to crack the top100 once their very near the mark. We need fresher blood in the top 100 and this would be a welcome addition.


Climbs 10 spots to #110. Hopefully this won't be another one of those names that stalls just outside the top100, it needs to get in there next year.


Fell for the first time to #68, a small dip of 2 spots. All the Jace spelling variations seem to have fallen or stalled, maybe because the show Duck Dynasty is no longer popular. Although I wouldn't count this name out yet, in 2016 ABC Family will have a teen show named Shadowhunters that features a male protagonist named Jace.


One of my favorite nature names is making leaps and bounds. Last year it climbed to #657, up from #769. I just hope this one keeps climbing for boys, it's one of my favorite monikers.


There's no stopping this one right now! It's sitting pretty at #505, up from #590. I think as long as Kyrie Irving is a popular reference, this one will keep climbing.


It's always refreshing to check out the girls chart, trending names really do stand up to their status and make much bigger leaps than their male counterparts. Zooming up to #53 from #80, this name has the potential to go all the way into the top10.


After falling in 2013, this name makes a nice recovery in 2014, by reclimbing the charts to #291. Although I do see this one climbing for a few more years, I dont think it'll crack the top 200.


Getting closer and closer to the top 20. Last year it was #31, up from #40. There's just no stopping this name, and if you include the Ariana's that might go by Aria, well then the numbers are much bigger in reality.


Makes a small recovery last year, climbing 2 places to #22. I dont think this one has the potential to climb much more.


Another massive gainer, going from #42 to #30. This one seems to appeal to both the trendies and the traditionalists, and it treads a fine line between nouveau and historical, something only a few names can pull it off.


This moon name is so pretty, I can see why it's being embraced by parents of all ethnicities. Luna climbed from #184 to #143, quite impressive. Definitely heading towards the top 100.


The halloween movie Annabelle that featured a scary doll with the same moniker didn't seem to deter parents from using this name, thankfully. This is another one of those big climbers, going from #81 to #57, even with multiple spellings around. The sky is the limit for this one.

No longer trendy: Bentley

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