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Update On Previous Names In Trend (3)

So let's take a look and see how our "Names In Trend" performed in 2012:


Still making waves, this name has climbed for the first time into the top100, at #100 exactly. I think it'll keep going up for a few more years.


K spellings are quite trendy for boys, and this one is no exception. Karter has made another nice jump to #347 year, and I don't think it'll be falling anytime soon.


After falling last year for the first time, this year it's gone back up 11 places to #476. Still not a huge jump, but it's now officially the most common spelling of the name. I wonder if the feminization of Reese is making parents stay clear of this one?


Well I wouldn't have guessed it, but after the huge jumps this name has had the previous few years, it stalled for the first time at #75. Is this the end for Bentley? I think it still has some steam left it in, but we'll see.


This one however I definitely think has had it's day, and it falls for the very first time in the ranking, to #7. Even though I'm quite fond of this name, I agree that it has gone a bit stale. This will be it's final year in my update.


Also making the top100 for the first, Easton makes a 6 place jump to #96. This one I see climbing for a few more years, compass names seem all the rage lately...


Well there's just no stopping this one is there? Making a great leap into the top10 for the first time, I definitely see this one making it all the way to #1 in the near future.


It was the biggest climber last year, and this year makes another great leap of over 100 spots, to its current position at #158. It has country appeal, and that seems right on trend with today's naming charms.


It climbed 44 places to #327, and it's still nowhere to be seen for boys, which I find quite surprising to be honest.


It fell again this year, to #39. If it falls again, I will have to remove it from my updates. Maybe it's just lost it's spark?


Also falling for the second consecutive year, it's Khloe. This time, it's at #55. The classic C- spelling is also falling, which makes me believe the name has already peaked.


Climbs 66 places to #91, the first time it's ever been in the top100. There's just no stopping this one, everywhere you turn you hear about someone giving birth to a baby named Aria. And I don't think it'll go away anytime soon...


I'm not a huge fan of this spelling, but there's no denying that it's starting to affirm itself as the standard one from this day forward. It climbs another 8 spots this year, reaching the top20 for the first time.


Zooming up another 19 places, it's sitting nicely at #61 this year. It's just a very feminine pretty name that parents are loving right now, and a top10 contender for sure.

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