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2012 Most Popular Baby Names

So the new list is out, and here is the top10:


1. Jacob
2. Mason
3. Ethan
4. Noah
5. William
6. Liam
7. Jayden
8. Michael
9. Alexander
10. Aiden


1. Sophia
2. Emma
3. Isabella
4. Olivia
5. Ava
6. Emily
7. Abigail
8. Mia
9. Madison
10. Elizabeth

So Jacob retains his crown for the 14th year in a row (zzzzz), which is a total shocker for me since I thought Mason had it in the bag. Sophia expectedly kept her lead for girls.
Overall the top10s are really boring, and only 2 names entered or re-entered them: Liam and Elizabeth. I guess I'm disappointed in seeing the same names hog the top 20 year after year, so tired of William, Michael, Daniel, Matthew, Joseph, James and David. They need to go away for a while, there are just too many men who share these names. Really didn't expect to see Gael and Major have such a great boost, so that surprised me at least. Arya being the biggest climber for girls was less surprising.

Analyzing the predictions I made in December last year, I was dead wrong about Mason being #1, but it turns out he was only 40 babies short of claiming the top spot, too bad because I'm so over Jacob...
I was right in Liam climbing into the top10, and I was also right with the names I expected to climb inside the top100.
Easton, Jace, Ryder and Kayden made the top100 like I predicted, however the others missed out for now.
Oakley finally returned to the top1000 like I thought he would, very happy about that one. My other guesses didn't quite make it. Baylor, one of my current favorites, was just outside, so that is a bit of a shame. Maybe next year.

As for the girls, I was pretty much spot on with all my predictions, with the exception of Carly and Maci falling slightly down the chart (also Bentley stalled for the first time, what happened there?).

So what are your thoughts, any interesting stuff you spotted?

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