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Halloween Names

Who doesn't love Halloween? Well maybe a few people who get scared too easily, but I think most people enjoy this holiday and have a lot of fun decorating the house and getting the most outrageous costumes.

Of course, if you love this holiday and want a Halloween inspired name, there are plenty around to choose from. All of these are wearable, although a few might be for brave baby namers, but if you love Halloween, you have to be a bit brave. So take a look at the list below, and write down the ones you love the most.


Sabrina - after the "Teenage Witch"
Morgana - the evil witch from "Merlin"
Artemis - Greek goddess of the hunt
Persephone - ruler of the underworld
Lua/Luna - moon, in portuguese and spanish respectively
Aurelia - golden

Naranja - orange in spanish
Hydra - multi-headed serpent in greek mythology
Preta - black in portuguese
Samara - after the girl from "The Ring"
Carrie - after the movie of course
Zilla - Hebrew name for shadow
Selene - Greek goddess of the moon
Prudence/Piper/Phoebe - witches of "Charmed"
Hecate - Greek goddess of witchcraft
Elvira - mistress of the dark
Banshee - screaming spirit
Nebula - dark mist
Avalon - king Arthur's resting place, a magical isle
Lamia - half woman, half serpent
Arachna - spider woman
Holle - Germanic goddess of the dead
Kat - cats are a witch's best friend
Morticia - from "The Addams Family"
Lilith - a baby eating demon
Nyx - Greek goddess of the night
Willow - the superwitch of "Buffy The Vampire Diaries"
Dahlia - after "The Black Dahlia"
Scarlett - red like the blood
Zucca - pumpkin in italian
Ursula - sea witch of "The Little Mermaid"
Raven - after Edgar Poe's famous poem
Majo - witch in japanese
Madrugada - late night/early morning in portuguese
Onyx - black gemstone


Damian - after the boy from "The Omen"
Salem - location of witchcraft trials
Hades - ruler of the underworld
Pugsley - the kid from "The Addams Family"
Phoenix - mythical bird, symbol of immortality
Bela - after Bela Lugosi in "Dracula"
Noir - black in french
Forrest/Forest - perfect location to do some witchcraft
Leif/Leaf - what is Halloween without leafs on the street?
Alchemy - secret medieval science that turned metal into gold
Vlad - the impaler
Zombie - the living dead
Shiryo - ghost in japanese
Casper - a friendly ghost
Storm/Stormy - always perfect for a Halloween night
Kage - after a cage of course
Nadir - the lowest point
Ira - anger in portuguese
Pluto - Roman god of the underworld
Styx - a river that flows to the underworld
Draco - Latin for dragon
Scythe - harvesting tool now associated with the figure of Death
October - the month of Halloween, you get the nickname Toby too.
Davy/Cutler/Jolly - villains of "Pirates Of The Carribean"
Bram - after Bram Stroker's "Dracula"
Midnight - when spirits roam free
Emrys - the powerful sorcerer from "Merlin"
Blair - after "The Blair Witch Project"
Lucifer - well it had to be here, right? Luci is kinda cute as a nickname
Spike - another "Buffy" related character, he was the villain
Scorpio - the star sign of Halloween
Akuma - devil in japanese
Blaze - after the fires of hell
Wolverine - wolfman from "X-Men"
Anubis - Egyptian god associated with the afterlife and mummification

 There are endless names that could be associated with Halloween, but these should be enough for you to get started if you really plan on using a name inspired by this holiday.
For all the others not planning a Halloween baby, do you like any of these? Which are the most usable? Which spark your curiosity the most? Let me know.

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