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Name In Spotlight: Tennessee

So the latest celeb baby name making waves across the internet today is Reese Witherspoon's newborn son, named Tennessee James. With such a bold first name, people are either gonna love it or hate it. I'm actually on board with it, sounds like a fun strong name. State names have been used as human names for a very long time, we don't bat an eyelid anymore whenever we hear about someone named Montana or Dakota. However, most state names haven't transformed into popular human names, and when we hear about them being used, we are usually surprised.

Now a lot of people are disappointed because Tennessee James doesn't match his siblings' names: Ava Elizabeth and Deacon Reese. Maybe Reese's new husband doesn't have the same naming style as her ex, and he had a big imput on his child's name. But then, do sibling names really need to match? Most people would say yes, but there are plenty of people who disagree, including celebrities. 

The name Tennessee isn't completely unheard of, most people remember Tennessee Williams, an american writer. Although this was his stage name, some stage names or nicknames eventually become that person's identity. I don't think anyone would associate the name Thomas to Tennessee Williams.

Tennessee as never ranked as a baby name on the SSA list, do you think Reese Witherspoon could spark a burst of babies named Tennessee? I'm inclined to say no, but weirder things have happened. She did make the name Deacon pop on the SSA ranking, so she does have some influence, but Tennessee is a much bolder choice. It is interesting that her boys are the ones that have unique names, while her daughter has a much more common name, usually it's the other way round. I for one, applaud that she doesn't follow the rest of the crowd when it comes to naming her kids.

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