quinta-feira, 14 de junho de 2012

Update On Previous Names In Trend (2)

Another year has passed, a new ranking has been released. Let's see how all the Names In Trend have done the past year.

First, the boys:


It has climbed from #135 to #108, and seems to be a huge threat to next years top 100. It fits right in with the cool cowboy names trend that parents are loving on their boys.


Climbing over 50 places the past year, there seems to be no stopping this one. K- names are very trendy for boys, and this one is no exception.


After being super trendy the past few years, it unfortunately crashed in 2011 when it fell 15 places. Not too significant, but I wonder if Reese going feminine is making parents reconsider any spelling of that name. It's too bad.


Sailing up to #75, the first time this name has ever been top 100, it's had one of the fastest climbs ever up the boys popularity ranking. Truly impressive.


Sticking at #4 for a second year, this name is still an iconic reference when it comes to trendy names. I don't think this one has peaked just yet...


Climbing 43 places to #102, this friendly name has all the ingredients to make it's way into the top20 in the next decade.

 Now moving onto the girls:


Falling again to #314 in 2011, it really lost its trendy status. This will be the last time I'll give an update on this name, unless it somehow turns it around and zooms back up.


This one is up to #372, with no sign of it on the boys top 1000. Parents are still loving this one for their baby girls.


It fell 10 places to #35, but this shouldn't be that big of a deal, as its decrease in terms of numbers of babies wasn't that significant.


Falling 7 places to #49, this trendy K-name stagnated for the first time ever since it's been on the ranking. We'll just have to wait until next year to see if it was just a minor setback, or if it finally ran out of gas...


Climbing almost 200 places to #157, this was definitely one of the "it" baby names of the year. It was truly everywhere. The top100 awaits this one...

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