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Name In Spotlight: Blue

Well, I had to post something. It's the name everyone is talking about this week, for one simple reason: it's the name pop singer Beyonce and her fiancé, rapper Jay-Z, bestowed upon their newborn daughter: Blue Ivy Carter. Surprisingly safe amongst all the wacky celeb baby names that we've learned about.

Colors as given names are very rare, however Blue has been picking up some steam as a name for a while, especially amongst celebrities. Last year we had Alicia Silverstone's son Bear Blu, which caused a lot of controversy, and the first one that I can think about was Cher's son Elijah Blue (who is now in his 30s).

I prefer Blue as a middle name, but I don't mind it as a first name (for either gender). I much prefer the variant Azure, my favorite color name. While I think it's totally legitimate for a girl being named Blue, I wonder how the reaction would be if they had a son named Pink... Are there even pink clothes for little boys? Didn't think so, but that's another story to discuss some other time...

As far as the impact this name will have, I'm not too sure. There have been several celebrities that have used the name Blue on their kids, and the name has yet to impact the popularity charts. However, this is Beyonce and Jay-Z we're talking about, one of the most powerful celeb couples around. Since it's their first kid, we really have no idea if people will follow their naming choices or if they'll ignore them - or maybe the name Blue just doesn't fuel a spark. Who knows. I do think there will be an increased curiosity about Blue, and I do think it'll reflect on the SSA list in 2013 - if that increase will be enough for the name to chart is a whole different story though.

Overall, the name leaves me cold. It's different, but safe at the same time. It's not what I really expected, which is why maybe I feel a little disappointed. But it's not a bad name per se, it definitely could've been a lot worse.

What do you guys think? Do you like the name Blue? Will it become popular?

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