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Celebrity Baby Names of 2011 - Review

2011 was an interesting year for celeb baby names, although not as much as previous years. Maybe Hollywood is turning the crazy down, which might be positive for the babies themselves, but for us who like to see how far they can go, it certainly isn't as much fun.

Like last year, I'll review some celeb baby names given throughout the year, for sons and daughters, with my opinions on each name. I'll then give my picks on the best and worst names of the year.


Flynn - Probably the trendiest name around, although still uncommon (not for long I think). Regardless of whether it becomes uber trendy, I happen to adore this name, so I definitely encourage more parents to use it. It's fresh and has a certain edge that Finn simply doesn't. Another great choice would be Wynn.

Robert Ford - Dont like. At all. Robert has always been one of those names I've never liked, borderline hating it, and I still don't see it's appeal on baby boys these days, I think it's quite dated. Ford is trying too hard to be cool, but it's just ugly.

Morocco Elijah - I gues any country can be a name, but I'd rather be a country than a nationality (will get to that later...) Elijah is a name that I do like, even though it's uber popular. I'd probably go with Elisha, similar but not as overused.

Koa Thomas - Love the name Koa. So unexpected, and could be a great alternative to the saturated Noah. It's definitely a cool name, fresh, sticks in your head. It has the almost obligatory classic but ultimately boring middle name, in this case Thomas. As long as those are in the middle spot I don't mind, it's when the spunky unique names are wasted in the middle with a first name like Jacob, Michael or John that sets me off. Overall thumbs up.

Jackson Wright - Jackson and it's many spellings has got to be one of the names I hear the most these days, it's literally everywhere. Never been a fan, and the middle name doesn't help.

Skyler Morrison - Well obviously I love Skyler, being close to my own name. However I don't really care for Morrison, but it's not bad. I do think it's a stylish combo and Rachel Zoe did well.

Marshall Williams - Not great. I don't like Marshall, reminds me of a marsh, and Williams just makes me want to remove the "s" at the end and use William instead (even if I'm so tired of seeing little Williams everywhere running around at the park, with their uncle Bill chasing after them, their father Billy yelling at them and their grandpa Willie sitting on a bench resting).

Arlo Robert - Probably one of the most raved about names in the naming blogosphere, but it's not one I particularly care for. Arlo is definitely different and has that trendy -o sound, but it's just "meh" for me. I don't really need to get into Robert again, so yeah, not a fan.

Moroccan Scott - One of the worst names out there for sure. Morocco I can do, Moroccan is just taking it too far. He's not moroccan, and it just seems silly. Scott is an unexpected choice, but doesn't save this mess of a name.

Tate - I really like Tate and Tatum, so this gets a thumbs up. Overall, I think Emma Bunton and Jade Jones did a good job with their kids names.

Meredith Daniel - Talk about surprising. Meredith is a name I never expected to see used on a boy ever again, especially by a celebrity. Of course it got its fair share of criticism by ignorant people, just like that "Kimberly in the mdidle for a boy" argument that really shouldn't even have been an issue. Meredith is handsome on a boy, refreshing almost, and I was most pleased. Daniel on the other hand is just way too overused and I wish it would go away for some decades.

Phyllon Joy - Well this is a mixed bag for me. I appreciate that it's unique and stands out, but Phyllon doesn't really sound good to me, it reminds me of something artificial, maybe a chemical compound or a plant property. Joy was rather unexpected, and like any virtue, nature or word name, I think they can and should be unisex.

Knox Cameron Patrick - Knox was one of the trendiest names of last year, and I think it'll continue to jump up the boys ranking this year. While some trendy names I love, others leave me cold, and this one is an example of the latter for me. Cameron and Patrick are decent middle names, so overall not too bad.

Matthew Alejandro - Can't think of a name that everyone will know about the existance of at least another man with such name? Pick Matthew. Yup. It's that overused and that boring. I don't even find it attractive in it's sound. Alejandro is a welcome alternative to Alexander, but still not spunky at all.

Arthur Saint - I appreciate parents of classic names that try to resurrect old favs instead of using the same ones over and over again like John, Charles, Robert and William. However, Arthur for me is one name that I can't dissociate with old men, it'll always be a grandpa name, and for that reason seems incredibly dated and impossible to dust off the spiderwebs and make it shine. Saint is a quirky middle name, but not one I enjoy.

Milo Thomas - Milo is one of the trendy -o names that I do enjoy. It's fresh and youthful, and goes well with the middle name. I can see Milo's appeal lasting for a very longtime, it's got future classic written all over it. I'm seeing Myles a lot too, another similar name I enjoy.

Diesel Dean - Not a fan of alliterations, and these two names aren't ones that I'm fond of I'm afraid. Diesel for me is fuel, however I can see the appeal of using it as a name. Dean is just ok. Not the best combo.
Kase Townes - I do like Kase, although I keep wanting to add a "y" at the end of the name even though I know it's pronounced differently to Kasey. Townes I don't care for at all, and both names might have pronunciation issues for most people.

Bingham Hawn - Probably the weirdest name of the year, and like all weird names, people will either love it or hate it. I've seen people rave about this choice, however I just can't get on board. I actually hate it. Bingham looks ugly and sounds ugly, and the nickname Bing is ridiculous. Hawn I don't like either so this for me is a terrible combo. However I give the parents kudos for sticking with their choices and not getting dissuated by anybody.

Spike - Could definitely be Bingham's brother or friend. Yeah, you get the picture...

Boone McCoy - I first heard Boone as a first name on the TV series Lost, and I didn't like it back then. Fast forward a few years, and the feeling remains. It just reminds me of a spoon...

Emmet Emmanual - Another alliteration, and with alternative spellings to boot. I was hoping for a quirky name for this child considering the mother is called Spencer, and grandad is Kelsey. They managed to be safe and weird simultaneously.

Cree Taylor - What is a Cree? I have no clue, but I kinda dig this name. It's unusual, and isn't too different to Lee and Dee. Taylor is a bit 90s classic but still sounds good today and it's not dated badly.

Alexander Rafahi III - I can't stand juniors, it's one of my biggest frustrations and seems like you're just takign away from the child's identity to impose someone else's, or maybe just please daddy's ego. I'm not even a fan when they pass on quirky choices, so when you pass on a dull choice like Alexander it just makes me roll my eyes. If you really must use your husband's name on your son, use it in the middle. Give the child his own first name please, he'll appreciate it later on.

Dallas Xavier - Two names that get a thumbs up from me. Dallas has been used as a first name for a very long time now, but it's not too popular not is it getting trendy. Xavier is one of the few X- names that people will recognize, and it's one I do like.

Kez Sunday - Kez looks cool, but not too sure on it's sound. Sounds more like a nickname, but I do like it. Sunday was an unexpected choice. No one made a rule that weekdays or months should be used on girls only, so why not? Overall it gets my approval.

Tristan Milos - I'm surprised so many people reacted negatively to Tristan, it's been around for so long and it's quite common, so I don't get the snobism towards this name. I think it's great actually. Milos, again like some previous names, I just wan't to remove a letter, this time the final "s".

Kannon Valentine - I don't like Cannon with a "c", my feeling doesn't change when you try to spell it with a "k". It's just one of those uber macho names that I hate. However having it paired up with Valentine, which brings me the feeling of love rather than hate, does help. It sort of lightens and soothens Kannon, and while at first it seems like an impossible combo with contradictory feelings, it sorta works.

Bear Blu - This one is going to school with Bingham and Spike, wanna bet? Like all controversial names, no one is indifferent and they either love it or hate it. I'll go against the norm and say that I simply don't care for these names. Bear still sounds silly to me, just like Buddy. However I do like Blu, even if it is mispelled, and I think it's a good middle name choice.

Journey Jameson - While parents are loving Journey for girls, celebrities are loving it for their sons. I'm gonna say I do like it, and I'm surprised it hasn't taken off for boys given the exposure in recent years. Jameson is a good alternative to James.

Orrin Ryder - Quirky first name for sure, but not one that I adore per se. It matches nicely with Ryder, a trendy name that I do like a lot, and while it may not flow perfectly, I do like them paired together.

Weston Lee - Nice name although I prefer Easton and Westley. Lee is very overused as a middle name these days, but if it ain't broke why fix it, right?

Colt Daniel - Two thumbs down here. I can't stand Colt or Colton, one of those trendy macho names that everyone seems to use these days. Daniel is still boring no matter which name you pair it up with.

Aleph - Hmmm. I don't like it but it does intrigue me. Odd name.

Wylei Cash - Where does this spelling come from? I'm not too sure if it's legitimate, but I just wan't to write it properly. Now I do adore Wylie or Wiley, so I can't be too harsh. Cash I could do without though...

Kahekili - Not totally confirmed but it seems most people are already treating it as such. While I don't like how this name goes with the last name Kali, I loved that's it's completely different to everything out there. But then I do like Hawaiian names in general, they're fun sounding, vowel friendly, and have a sort of summery vibe.


Faith Margaret - Faith does absolutely nothing for me, it's just there. Margaret is odd on a baby girl these days, but it seems to be making a comeback. So-so choices.

Hillary Madison - Where to start... Hillary is one of those boy names that everyone is so used to see it on a woman that nobody cares these days - the same is happening to the more recent Madison. I still get annoyed by such gender switches so this name gets two thumbs down from me.

Coco Reese Chanel - Odd name combo, and I don't like it. Coco makes me remind of coconut, cocoa, or poop depending on what language I'm thinking of. Reese I hate on a girl. Chanel seems like it's trying too hard to be stylish and failing miserably.

Embry Lotus - What's an Embry? All I can think of is an embryo, just weird. Lotus is decent as a middle name, but this name combo doesn't work and I find it really awkward.

Olivia Jane - Plain Jane plays with her plain sister Olivia. Yeah, it's plain. Decent, but plain.

Winter Morgan - Winter I really like as a name, whether on a girl or a boy. Morgan while certainly a male name turned unisex, is one of the few I can tolerate on a girl, barely. Morgana is much nicer. Nonetheless, not too bad.

Ava Grace - Ava might be uber popular but I can't help but adore this name, it's super classy and elegant. Grace is almost glued onto nearly every middle name these days, but gets a pass from me.

Zuzu Audrey - I know many people who haved raved about this name but I can't get behind Zuzu. It's so weird looking and sounds like your imitating the sound of a wasp or a fly. Audrey is eternally elegant and I wish parents would stick with this name instead of stealing Aubrey from the boys...

Vera Lillian Beatrix - Winner combo here. Vera is a name I've always adored, and it seems like it's making a comeback recently. Lillian is classy, and while it's tremedously popular these days, I still like it. Beatrix is like a spunkier version of Beatrice, and I love the spelling. Somehow these names work well together.

Amaya Josephine - Amaya is a nice alternative to Maya and I can see it catching on. Josephine, unlike it's male counterpart, is still underused and I think it deserves more attention.

Mosley Thompson - Where to start with this hideous name? Mosley sounds like an insect, Thompson sounds like it's loaded with testoterone. Combine the two and you've got an ugly boys name...

Mia Loren - Mia is short and sweet, and Loren while I prefer on a boy, works nicely as a middle name for a girl, and it pairs nicely with Mia.

Mirabella Bunny - Nah. Stapling -ella at the end of many names might produce something beautiful, but not here. Mira + bella if you understand some spanish is "look beautiful", and that's just cheesy. Bunny, like Bear, doesn't work on a human being.

Yardley Evans - Some really terrible girl names this year, and this one is definitely part of the list. Yardley is an atrocious choice, and Evans just seems like Evan with an "s". The two paired together would make anyone think it's a boy rather than a girl, and the poor thing will have to grow up with it.

Agnes Lark - Agnes for me is the counterpart to Arthur, eternally old and dated. Lark to me is just unattractive, sounds like "bark" or "dark", neither particularly appealing.

Jude - I'm sorry but I'll never get behind this one as a possible girls name.

Cleo Buckman - Cleo is a decent choice as far as nicknames go, Buckman however has zero feminine characteristics. Not a good combo.

Maxine - I quite like this one, even though I'd never use it. Seems like a decent way to get the nickname Max on a girl.

Willow Sage - One of the most talked about names of the year, I think Pink did well. Willow I think is great, one of the very few W- names for girls around, and Sage while I prefer on a boy, works also nicely on a girl.

Monroe - Mariah really caught me by surprise with her choices, and not in a good way. Monroe seems way too masculine to me, and the lack of a possible more feminine middle name doesn't help...

Magnolia Renee - I love Magnolia, what a wonderful name. I like long names for girls, but they have to be upbeat and fresh sounding, something Magnolia accomplishes with ease. Renee works nicely with it and so this is easily one of the best celeb names from last year.

Kira Katherine - Kira us ok, it doesn't really provoke a strong reaction with me. Katherine with a "k" and with the "ine" ending is my favoite spelling of the name. However they both start with "k" and I'm not a fan of alliterations like you already know...

Eloise Joni - Unlike Agnes, Eloise I can picture on a young girl, it's very vowel friendly and sounds fresh. The middle name I'm indifferent to it, although I thought the days of the Bobbi's and Toni's were over...

Harper Seven - And here is the most talked about name of 2011, and yet it's so underwhelming. Harper is terribly overrated, I don't care for it on a boy, much less on a girl. Instead of setting trends, the Beck's seemed to follow the trend this time. Heck, not even Seven is that original, it's been used by some celebrities on boys before, and even the TV series Seinfeld thought about this number as a name first.

Arabella Rose - Take notes Mirabella, this is how you use -ella and make it work. Arabella looks and sounds classy and feminine. Rose, like Grace, seems destined to remain in the middle.

Haven Garner - I think there's a really nice meaning behind this choice from what I've head, although I'm not aware of it yet. Speaking objectively, I'm not a fan of Haven or Garner. Both are original choices, but somehow manage to seem boring at the same time.

Clover Elizabeth - Now this is an interesting first name, I've never heard about another Clover before, and somehow I think it works great. Elizabeth works well with any name really.

Penelope Athena - Now this one I adore. Penelope is trending a lot recently, and even though I'm not a fan of the actress that's making it popular, I can't help but think it's a great name. However, even Penelope got eclipsed in this name combo, because I find Athena stunning. It evokes the image of a certain goddess, and manages to ooze strength in a fully feminine name. See parents of  girl Addisons and Rileys? You don't need a boys name to make your daughter have a strong name.

Jordan Kay - Which brings me to Jordan and Kay. Both unisex especially Jordan, but at least the parents recognised it's unisex appeal and decided to name their kid Jordan no matter the sex. Now that's the spirit that every parent who loves a unisex name should feel, especially when considering one for their son. Who cares if there are girls with the same name?

Madison - Mel B has always used tacky names for her daughters, and this was no exception. I can't even hate Madison anymore, it gets tiring. Had it been used on a boy I might've been surprised, but on a girl it's as safe as Elizabeth.
Hattie Margaret - Much talked about name, and one I like moderately, but I'm not head over heels in love with like many of you. Hattie would've been better had it been Henrietta, and I've already shared my feelings on Margaret. Still, I do think it's a nice name.

Raden Delilah - Raden is so boyish that not even Delilah can save it. The fact that it's a name of a male Mortal Kombat character (spelt differently) doesn't help either.

Amelie Belle - Amelia may be hot these days, but no one seems to be talking about Amelie, the french variant. I'm not sure which one I prefer, but at least Amelie is less used. Belle is also used a lot less than Bella, so maybe these parents liked some names in the top100 a lot, but decided to go with less popular variants.

Elise - Is it me or are El- names really trendy lately, for girls and boys? Don't care much for Elise, but it does have a pretty sound to it.

Helen Grace - With names like Elena and Alaina being all the rage these days, you almost forget about the name that started it all, Helen. I must confess that I find Elena a lot prettier than Helen, but you can't deny it's classic status. Helen is also very underused, had it been a boys name it would probably still be in the top10... you get what I feel about classic boys names.

Georgia Geraldine - Continuing with the classic theme, this name popped up right at the end of 2011, and it's not one I was expecting. While I can see the spunk inside of Georgia, some movies using it as the go to choice for a bitchy cheerleader did help, I can't see any spark inside Geraldine. Gerald even manages to be dated for boys, for girls it's even more of a grandma name. I don't think it's ready for a comeback.

Arlo - I'm not even a huge fan of this name on boys, for girls it's a lot worse. There's nothing remotely feminine about this name, and the -o ending reinforces it's masculinity. Siblings named Arlo and Rocko? You almost have to guess which one is the boy and which one is the girl.

Elula Lottie Miriam - Peculiar combos here. Elula I don't care for, although I think it's a legitimate way to get the very desired Lulu (which I happen to think sounds more of an animal name). Lottie I find better suited as a nickname for Charlotte, however I can see the appeal about using it as a full name. Miriam is my favorite version of Mary, it never was too popular but never really disappeared off the radar.

Marlowe Rivers - Unlike Arlo, I can see the appeal about this name on girls, and the "e" attatched at the end does help. However I do feel like I'm being hypocritical by allowing some and not attacking others - I feel people do this a lot by hammering Madison but thinking Vivian or Evelyn are pretty. However while I can see the appeal of Marlowe on girls, my hatred about 99% of boy names on girls does stop me from liking it.

Like always, celebrities provide us with a huge variety and styles of names for us to criticize every year, and for that I'm grateful. There really is something for everyone here, and like any name lover I do have a strong opinion on each and any one of these names, and hopefully none of you (and especially the parents of these kids) have taken any offense from my comments. My awards this year were hard because usually I liked the first name but not the middle name, or vice versa, which made my decision particularly hard, however I've come to my final choices:

Best Boy Names Of 2011 - Koa Thomas, Flynn, Skyler Morrison
Worst Boy Names Of 2011 - Bingham Hawn, Robert Ford, Arthur Saint

Best Girl Names Of 2011 - Penelope Athena, Vera Lillian Beatrix, Magnolia Renee
Worst Girl Names Of 2011 - Mosley Thompson, Yardley Evans, Arlo

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